World Cup finals at LaLiga

By Jorge_Granda

The 2018 FIFA Russia World Cup is down to four teams fighting for the most sought-after trophy in the world of football. By next week all the excitement of the World Cup will be over. But we still have time to enjoy the best matches at the venues screening the games in Qatar.

One of our favorite places to watch the World Cup is LaLiga Lounge in Sheraton Grand Doha. LaLiga Lounge is Doha’s first sports themed restaurant dedicated for football enthusiasts, so what better place to watch the semifinals and the final game?

The sports lounge offers its guests a sleek, chic and quircky décor fill of color. The lounge itself is much larger than it appears from the outside, and it resembles a football pitch.

The restaurant is designed so that from the moment you enter the space through the player’s tunnel you breathe football.

Once inside you can appreciate the comfortable seating area, mix of colors and unobstructed views of the game from all angles, with two large video walls for optimum viewing.

Apart from being a great place to watch the games, it is also a fantastic restaurant offering great range of culinary choice. From snacks to more elaborate dishes, LaLiga Lounge has something for everyone.

We stopped by the lounge last week to try out some of the World Cup food offers.

The menu at LaLiga is quite extensive, but here are my top recommendations if you want to have a good meal while watching any of the upcoming games.

If you just want to snack, LaLiga Nachos are the way to go. The tortilla chips are piled high and layered with spicy beans, beef meat, cheddar cheese. Pico de gallo and Jalapenos garnished with sour cream are the perfect choice. The Octopus Gallega with potatoes, Spanish smoked paprika and olive oil are a great choice as well.

If you feel like having a burger the Barcelona Football Burger is my favorite. The chef makes a homemade salmon patty with tartar sauce, fresh spinach, Catalan escalivada served with squid ink bun. The mix of flavors is beautiful and tasty. The patty literally just melts in your mouth. It is one of the best burgers you can find in Doha.

If you want your burger with beef patty, then El Derbi Burger is the best choice. The double juicy beef patty, accompanied by Manchego cheese, Spanish pickles, lettuce and sliced tomato with Spanish beans and Romesco sauce is perfection.

There are many more items on the menu to choose from including LaLiga's famous Paellas, salads and some delicious desserts.

There are many more amenities to discover at LaLiga Lounge. One of the main attractions is the play area where you can enjoy virtual football matches with play stations and relaxing seating on bean bags. Patrons can also practice football in the football field for kids.

So go ahead and watch the live telecast of the biggest football event in Doha's football destination LaLiga Lounge! 


Where: Hotel Park, opposite the Sheraton Grand Doha 
Timings: From 4 pm till 12 am
For bookings: 4485 3000



Photography by Camille Tindogan

Ratings calculated automatically using technology developed at QCRI and MIT.

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Molten Metal

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