Prohibited items in Qatar World Cup 2022 Stadiums

Prohibited items in Qatar World Cup 2022 Stadiums

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The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is the most awaited event in the country. At every stadium, there will be security professionals and event employees to assist make your FIFA World Cup™  experience safe and secure. Please approach them and ask for assistance if you have any worries about your safety. 

Restricted Items Storage 

At the Restricted Goods Storage tents, which are near to all stadium entrances, spectators may store items that are prohibited from being brought into the venue. The service is provided without cost. 

The safety and security of every FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™  spectator is the top concern. Although the personnel is well educated in all safety and security measures, it won't harm if you are as well.

You may discover information on what to expect at the stadiums as well as prohibited goods below:

Prohibited Items 

Flags, banners and posters 

  • Posters, flags, and banners larger than 2 x 1.5 meters.
  • Flags, banners, and posters that are smaller than or equivalent to the above-mentioned sizes are acceptable as long as they are made of low-fire hazard materials, comply with all applicable rules and standards, and are not otherwise forbidden by other provisions of these stadium laws.
  • Any flag or banner that is of political, offensive or discriminatory nature is prohibited. 

Musical instruments 

  • Musical instruments (manual or mechanical) that have a three-dimensional total bigger than 120 cm are prohibited.
  • The x-ray scanner must accommodate musical instruments that are smaller than or equivalent to the aforementioned size (60x40cm).
  • In the event that other spectators object about the use of such tools or gadgets, those carrying them must be informed. 


  • One bundle of a maximum of seven different sorts of medical items or drugs may be brought by spectators in any manner (including aerosols, drops, syringes, asthma inhalers or any other asthma related products, etc.). 

Electronic devices 

  • Mounts for cameras, video cameras, tripods, and selfie sticks. 
  • One power bank or other battery-powered item of any size is the maximum that spectators may bring. 
  • Drones and remote controlled aircrafts are prohibited. 
  • Binoculars are prohibited except if used by partially-sighted spectators who hold a valid medical certificate for the same. 
  • Instruments that emit laser beams, laser pointers or similar emissions are not allowed. 

Bag packs/Bags 

  • Bags/backpacks that are larger than 75 cm3 are not allowed (except sensory bags used by people with sensory requirements). 

Liquids or Food

  • Liquids in bottles bigger than 100ml are prohibited.
  • Food from outside is prohibited into FIFA stadiums.
  • In the stadiums, infant formula and sterile water not to exceed 1L per kid is permitted.
  • Any liquids containing alcohol or alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless they are bought from designated areas within the stadium.
  • Liquids required for medical purposed are allowed only up to 500ml with valid medical certificate for the same.
  • Food items required for medical reasons shall be permitted only if a valid medical certificate is provided. These food items must not be packed in glass. 

Hazardous Items 

  • Matches and lighters are prohibited into Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums.
  • Weapons, ammunition of any kind, components of guns, bladed items like knives, cold steel weapons or objects which induce the practice of violence are strictly prohibited.
  • Baby protection gears ( unless permitted upon presentation of medical prescription) and as well as bullet-proof vests and items used in martial arts or extreme sports are not permitted.
  • Helmets or any identity concealing equipment except the religious headwear and medical masks are not allowed.
  • Explosives, detonators and items concealing prohibited items are not allowed.
  • Bicycles, rollerblades, kick scooters, skateboards and electric scooters are not allowed.
  • Any inflammable substances such a spray cans, corrosives, paints and aerosol cylinders thermoses, flasks so on are not permitted.
  • Large items such as folding chairs, stairs, benches, boxes, cardboard containers are not allowed.
  • Any type of animal is prohibited except assistance dogs accompanying a disabled ticket holder with valid proof of eligibility. 

Prohibited Actions 

Starting a fire 

  • Lighting a fire or shooting fireworks near the stadium or another area is prohibited. 

Reselling match tickets

  • Selling any tickets or papers that provide their holders access to match tickets. 

Causing crowding

  • Taking up space on stairs and in concourses when the game is going on might result in congestion to the point of a stampede or other public disruptions. 

Holding protests 

  • Holding any public events that are not permitted under the event's rules or endorsing any statements that are political, provocative, or discriminatory. 

Distribution or consumption of narcotic substances 

  • Distributing or ingesting opioids, narcotics, or any other potentially harmful psychoactive chemicals. 

Engaging or conducting any sort of business 

  • Selling products or engaging in any kind of economic activity on the stadium's property or a nearby parcel. 


  • Betting, courtside betting, or gambling is prohibited. 

Unauthorized entry 

  • Unauthorized entry into the stadium and into areas that are forbidden but are not noted on your ticket. 

Broadcasting for commercial gains 

  • Recording or broadcasting for profit is not allowed. 

Smoking/ Vaping 

  • According to the FIFA Event Policy on Tobacco, smoking and vaping are only permitted in outdoor locations that have been designated for smoking. 

Adhering to the above mentioned protocol is of prime importance to have a safe and enjoyable spectator experience.


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