Paradise Flowers Garden Center

  • Paradise Flowers Garden Center
  • Paradise Flowers Garden Center


Paradise Flowers (Garden Center) is a branch of Al Noaimi Agriculture & Irrigation Services (NAIS), founded in 2009. Our mission is to offer exceptional and complete green solutions, combined with the compassion to improve the quality of indoor or outdoor space you wish to use for business or leisure. We are committed to consistently bringing the most advanced technology, highly qualified and distinguished professionals and competent administrative staff to maintain the high quality of services rendered to our clients and serving them with integrity.


Paradise and N.A.I.S are providing a powerful blend of scientific knowledge and years of professional experience in garden architectures. As a leading in landscaping and irrigation, our efforts are focused on always being at the forefront. From this premise, WE AIM HIGH TO;

  • Meet the demands of the society that is moving towards a greener and eco-friendly lifestyle, defining the natural beauty value wherever we operate.
  • Design, establish and maintain beautiful corners, colorful spots or spaces that refresh the eyes in any building or area of your landscape.
  • Develop all landscaping projects in conformity with the highest International Standards.
  • Provide overall technical and administrative support to ensure that projects’ development is in accordance with the approved designs and technical specifications.
  • Accomplish high quality redesigning projects within scheduled time frame and offer competitive prices.

 Paradise Flowers has an amazing variety of indoor and outdoor plants, extensive selection of pots and decoration, lighting, tools, potting soil, fertilizers, and etc…..