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Do you find yourself sleeping or thinking of sleeping most of the time? Do you feel tired and sluggish often? Are you lazy and demotivated? Don’t fret! Most of us have felt like that at some point in time. We’ve had to start off on our journey of productivity, and so can you! Nothing is scarier than taking the first step, so here are five steps to make it all easier for you!


  • Five fast-food meals health-conscious people order

    In a perfect world, the best way to achieve a healthy diet is to make your own meals from high quality, fresh, raw ingredients. In the normal world, we have social lives and are bound to eat out at some point, be it for business, social or simply logistical reasons.


    The good news is that indulging occasionally is an integral part of a healthy diet. There is no reason to feel guilty for having those fries or that doughnut you were craving, as long as a healthy, balanced diet is the norm and food splurges the exception.


  • Winter's here: time to dust off your outdoor workout plan

    As the rest of the world wraps up warm and turns the heating on, it’s our turn to start enjoying life outdoors in Doha. Winter has its perks here but using the weather as an excuse not to workout is not one of them.


  • 5 healthy breakfasts for super busy mornings


    Healthy eating options often get waylaid due to time-constraints: you’ve got to get the kids dressed and ready for the 5.30am school bus, or perhaps you’re more in favor of hitting the snooze button than firing up the stove for some scrambled eggs. Time is precious, which is why most of us choose options that can be made and eaten in less than 5 minutes. Hello sugary cereal and chocolate croissants.


    Are you really setting yourself up for the day ahead?

  • Welcome to Crunch Community!

    Welcome to Crunch Community!


    Crunch Doha has partnered with QL for a common goal - to make Qatar a healthier place. This page group will be personally managed by me, Nuwaid Pocker and our team.


    What to expect here?