Qatar Foodies

If you love good food and live in Qatar then this group will definitely be of your interest. What to expect in this group : Qatar Restaurants ' reviews Information about New found Restaurants/Eateries in Qatar Secret recipes from home kitchens of those unsung chefs living in Qatar Information about availability of specific food ingredients and food festivals in Qatar And of course, those lovely Food Photographs !!!


  • Summer Recipes: Shrimp Ceviche (A.k.a. Shrimp dip)

    Hey Qfoodies!

    @deemzeatz back with a new recipe :D! This is a delicious shrimp ceviche that you can dip with tortilla or pita chips! Lovely recipe for the summer heat with all the tropical additions!




    1. 300g Shrimps
    2. 3 Slices Pineapple
    3. 1 Tomato
    4. ½ red onion
    5. Handful Cilantro, chopped
    6. ½ Lemon juice
    7. ½ orange juice
    8. 1 lime
    9. 1 tbsp l lime zest
    10. Salt and pepper




  • Easy eggplant Rolls! (They're amazing!)

    These rolls are so easy and delicious! Even people that hate eggplants, love them! So I suggest you give them a try! 



    • 1 Large Eggplant
    • 4 Tbsp Olive Oil



    • 5 Tbsp Goat Cheese (can be substituted for Ricotta or Feta)
    • Sundried tomato
    • Salt & Pepper



  • Homemade Street Tacos for a cooler summer!

    Hey foodies! 

    It's @deemzeatz with a new recipe!

    Hot weather in Qatar, or almost every other country in the world, got us looking for COOLER dishes! The cold slaw inside of these tacos seriously make them obvious choice for your next meal! This is only the second time I make them but they have already become a family favorite. So give them a shot and let me know how it goes! 




  • Elevating Salad

    Q foodies!

    Is your daily lunch salad getting too boring for your funky taste buds? Your solution is to simply elevate your salad. Its so easy and it instantly makes your side dish a main one.


    Elevation steps-