Government Hospitals

List of Government Hospitals :

Al Amal Oncology Hospital Contact Number: 439 7830
Hamad General Hospital Contact Number: 439 4444
Al Rumailah Hospital Contact Number: 439 2222
Women's Hospital Contact Number: 439 6666

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By mechhameed• 3 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 2/5
Hi QL Viewers, Presently my wife is here in Qatar under family visit visa (2 month running).And she is pregnant now.She want to take to medical test for normal pregnant procedure.Am staying in Wakra.My question is,She don't have Q.ID and health card,Will any health center accept to do the pregnancy test procedure without health card (R.P is under will take more 3 or 4 months).If any one know the procedure,Please share your experience-33418963,70237686
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