Qatar’s health sector and medical facilities have highly qualified doctors and medical staff as well as some the most advanced medical equipment in the world.

Qatar is only one of 4 countries in the world that offers services like its neonatal programme that screens newborn babies for inherited disorders.

Hamad medical cooperation (HMC) hosts a number of medial conferences that result in attracting a number of experts and world authorities. HMC is state sponsored and subsidised, it also has as one of the highest expenditures in the gulf region.

Some of the well known HMC hospitals are:

•Women’s Hospital (Generally Gynaecology and Obstetrics)

•Al Khor hospital (Ranges Form Dermatology, Obstetrics to Dental & Plastic Surgery)

•Al Amal Oncology Hospital (Cancer treatment- detection therapy counseling, Rehabilitation & Education)

•Hamad General Hospital (Surgery, Pediatrics Laboratory Medicine and Pathology)

•Rumailah Hospital (Plastic Surgery, ENT and ophthalmology)

Health care services are free for Qatari nationals, however, expats will have to pay for the use of medial and dental facilities.

Residents may apply for a health card at a cost of QR 100 -this would enable them to use the HMC medical facilities which include consultations, tests and prescriptions. Most expats, however, have additional health insurance that is either provided by their companies or from their respective national countries with extended global cover options.

Alternative medicine is not recognised and is banned by the Ministry of health. Nationals and expats seeking this type of treatment travel abroad to places known for particular treatments.

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