Cleaning Companies in DOHA

Wisteria Facilities Services

  • Wisteria Facilities Services
  • Wisteria Facilities Services


WFS has a large team of trained cleaning staff with excellent professional acumen we are committed to a quality service with a professional touch. 
WFS offers all kind of state of the art cleaning equipment and materials to ensure the cutting edge technology is used for the cleaning projects.
WFS offers a high level of Quality, Supervision, and Communication with customers which differentiates it from competing Cleaning companies. 
WFS has a Quality control program in place for assurance of quality and does regularly scheduled inspections on all contracts on-going basis to ensure the level of cleanliness.

Premises Support Services
1. Superior cleaning services on a daily basis by using high-quality cleaning products 
2. Providing Housekeeping staff for hotels.
3. Providing Stewarding staff for hotels.
4. Providing Pool cleaning staff for hotels.
5. Undertaking Long-term contracts for housekeeping and general cleaning of Hotels, Schools, and commercials buildings.
6. Providing Cleaning staff for long-term projects


1. Banks
2. Hospitals
3. Schools
4. Shops
5. Villas
6. Periodical Cleaning
7. Hotels 
8. Gardens 
9. Public areas 
10. Carpet cleaning 
11. Sofa cleaning 
12. Window Glass cleaning
13. Domestic cleaning/move in & move out cleaning
14. Marble Buffing
15. Marble cleaning 
16. Removing Carpet Glue from the top of Marble
17. Furniture Polishing
18. Pest control
Cleaning of New Building & Complexes

• Cleaning Services
• Housekeeping Services
• Catering Services
• Corporate Services
• Building Maintenance Services
• Landscaping Services
• Pest Control Services

• High Rise buildings
• External window Cleaning
• General Housekeeping
• Caretaking-Reception Duties 
• General Building Maintenance Services
• Electrical-Plumbing-Carpentry
• Swimming Pool Maintenance
• Water Tank Cleaning
Pest control serves 
1. Provision of pest control services for commercial / residential complexes / industrial sites, factories/warehouses etc.
2. Provision of specialized services in termite control/rodent control/fumigation of stored products etc.
3. Provision of consultancy services in professional pest control services to a wide variety of clients. 
A. Integrated Pest Control management
B. General Pest & Cockroach Treatment
C. Rodent Baiting
D. Bulk Dry Food Stuff Fumigation
E. Pre & Post Construction Termite Control