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Kings Contracting & Services W.L.L.

  • Kings Contracting & Services W.L.L.
  • Kings Contracting & Services W.L.L.


Kings Contracting and Services is an ambitious FM company established with the aim of drawing inspiration and guidance from the Four Pillars of Development anchored within the Qatar National Vision 2030, the role envisaged for kings is and will remain that of laying down high standards of competence and performance in the field of FM in the State of Qatar.

 The main goal has been to strive hard to have FM be recognized as a Professional discipline with a ‘business critical’ role in the economic success of the State of Qatar.

It is our belief that the ‘real cost’ of any development, facility or scheme to the individual or organization is inherent within the whole life cost and not just design and construction.  Effective FM initiatives and interventions make a significant contribution towards this belief.  Kings aspirations are to achieve the above by binding together, multiple disciplines, to ensure functionality of the built environment, by integrating people, place, process and technology.  It will be our endeavor to provide the service you expect and meet all your expectations.