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Hangul Nihongo Language Center

  • Hangul Nihongo Language Center
  • Hangul Nihongo Language Center


About Hangul Nihongo:

Hangul Nihongo Center in Qatar specializes in teaching Korean and Japanese. Where the students can earn the skills needed to be able to understand and communicate with different cultures. After completing a course, the students then are granted the ability to expand on their knowledge.

What we offer?

We are offering both Korean and Japanese Courses taught by professional teachers.

  • Korean & Japanese Courses:
    • Private and Group Courses
    • Competitive prices
    • Exams are held by the end of each course to determine the student’s knowledge.
  • Learning & Cultural fun events.

what to expect after passing the beginner level?

We focus on both reading and writing which will eventually improve the speaking skills of the students. Our priority is to focus on the students’ accent and grammar while speaking.

Methods to improve the students skills

Students will have the chance to speak with native Korean and Japanese speakers in the center when holding small events to allow our students exchange their knowledge with each other and to speak fully in Korean or Japanese.

Our Goal and Vision

Our goal is to help whoever is interested in Korean and Japanese cultures and provide them with the services such as teaching and engaging in both cultures. As well as, exchange our culture with them.

Our vision is to help individuals to be able to speak more than two languages.


To sign up please visit our website or call us on 55506077