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There’s Adwords and there’s Adwords

There’s a vast cavern of difference between a Google Adword Campaign that is cost effective and one milks you dry.

For example, I’ve just broken down an Adwords campaign for a client and compared 21 days in January with 21 days in December. The December campaign was the same campaign they’d been running for nearly a year. The January figures were for the new campaign I put together.

As you can see, we’ve pushed the cost back by over $100 in the 21 day period from $122.56 to JUST $13.60. Yet we maintained the number of clicks to the site in fact we increased them by three! (70 to 73).

So you can easily tell that by tweaking campaigns you can make a vast difference to the results you experience with Google Adwords.

Take a look at the dramatic increase in impressions from 6,830 to well over 17,000!

I know by looking deeper into the campaign analysis that a couple of the targeted ’sub campaigns’ I introduced need tweaking they brought the average ‘click-through’ rate way down. So now it’s a matter of keeping what does work at custom essay paper writing, changing the campaign where it can help deliver a higher click-through response and totally delete the stuff that didn’t work.