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ACTION VOIP on Mobile phone


Hi all,

is there anyone who knows how to install Action VOIP on a mobile phone.

Request if anyone could help or provide any leads.

Cheers !!!

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By silent killer• 7 years 2 days ago.
silent killer


i hav installed mobile voip..but whenever i try 2 make calls with valid account, it shows registration failed..

can ny1 guide me on how to resolve dis...

thank u

By syedissyed• 7 years 10 months ago.

install Nimbuzz or Fring 1st, then configure actionvoip id....if ur using Nokia, use Ovi store application to find nimbuzz or fring and install.

By Texas• 7 years 10 months ago.

only Nokia & Iphone you can use directly from Action voip software like mobile voip application.

try the following link:

I used this for my E72, working good, if any other brand try use fring or Nimbuz.

By DJJAG• 7 years 10 months ago.

Hi Zoobi,

thanks for the details brother. request if you could provide further details... or mebbe if you could give your number, i can call you.


By yv2r• 7 years 10 months ago.

Try from their website you will get details

By Zoobi• 7 years 10 months ago.

you can configure it either by installing fring or nymbuzz

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