By Ethical

Good Morning to all.

I got an offer of SAR 12500 from a local Engineering Consultant firm in jeddah. its a lump sum offer, i have to arrange the acomodation and transport, i want to bring my wife with me.
may i know what would be the cost for all these things.

thanks in advance.


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By Ethical• 8 years 9 months ago.

Dear All,

thanks for the valueable comments and guidance..

More more help is required... how and in which budget i can arrange a transport, i.e. my own vehicle(car)....


By mshafeeq75• 8 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Dear Brother,

I believe its nice offer, living cost very less than QATAR, 1 Month QATAR house rent equal to entire year rent in JEDDAH.

When you go JEDDAH don't forget to eat AL-BAKE Brosted... and visit Various Malls... Only thing is take care on Road specially in Signal.

Best of Luck in Saudi/Jeddah.

By shoeaddict• 8 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

grab the offer,,,12500sr,,you will be able to save more in KSA,,rents are cheaper,even consumergoods.good luck...

By shah2u• 8 years 9 months ago.

U can "easily" save Saudi Riyals 4-5 thousand in that package, unless U hv similar spending habits as me!

By Juemshuve• 8 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Rents are comparitively less in Jeddah. You can also get good household items from a carton free shop there. I used to like Jeddah when we were there.

By PrinceOfDoha• 8 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

hello brother ,

its a good offer and life there not expensive as my brother lives in jeddah and work in a hospital as doctor , as he told me its easy to get a 3 bedroom flat for almost 1200 saudi riyals. and even living expense are less then doha expense .

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