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did anyone use Ooreedo's mosaic fibre 1MB service?

By shehri

Hi, did any of you use ooredoo's mosaic service of 1MB? I wanted to know how the 1MB speed is for internet usage before I go for it...

your advice is highly appreciated

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By shehri• 5 years 1 week ago.

Thanks to each of you there for replying to my question.. thanx once again...

By saravakumar80• 5 years 1 week ago.
Rating: 2/5

I am using this service to make the skype calls since 2 months and very much comfortable with it.

By shehri• 5 years 1 week ago.

thanx a77qatar.. on this 1MB speed how is the talk over Skype with webcam? howz the quality on VOIP?

By a77qatar• 5 years 1 week ago.

It's ok not bad i have it in the house

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