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Exit Permit for Visit Visa

By samrachu123

Hi guys..

I heard that Exit permit is need for people who are in a visit visa in doha, while exiting from the country??????

is that true,,what is the procedure

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By jijisd• 2 years 1 month ago.

my wife and 7 years daughter is here in Qatar by tourist visa. is they required exit permit when they leave the country? please let me know.

By Testarossa• 4 years 11 months ago.

Hi guys,

Next week i will travel with my two children, i have resident visa sponsored by my wife

So did my children need exit visa or only for me?

Many thanks

By expat_14• 5 years 6 months ago.

Yes, confirmed true. This is a new rule which was not there last year when my parents visited! But this year I had to get the exit permit for my father in law.

By Johnson566• 5 years 9 months ago.

I was also experience the same .but when i checked for my mother who was travel on visit visa , i was told by airport immigration that its required only for males. Female doesn't required.

By Muibien• 5 years 9 months ago.

?? new rules? i dont think the exit permit is needed.

By samrachu123• 5 years 9 months ago.

is it,.....Guys...First time 2 Hear this news...Thank you for sharing.

My cousin is is traveling tonight along with her mom...her mom is on a visit visa sponsored by ma sis hubby....Does she need a exit permit as well..

By AnwarullahKhan• 5 years 9 months ago.


Only for male above 18 who spent more than 1 month in Qatar...

By panjimgoa• 5 years 9 months ago.

Samrachu,Any person while exiting while he is on visit visa requires exit permit from the sponsor,I also got wrong answers from peoples that it is not required,But when my brother was exiting qatar while on visit visa last week he was been asked by immigration,and at the last moment there was a night mare for me to arrange exit permit in such a short time of 2 hours,You can go to departure of airport,Opposite of car park there is a small building of white colours which issues exit permit,but sponsor only has to apply for it.I hope you got the answer.

By anonymous• 5 years 9 months ago.

Not required.

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