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Expat Package

By Dee999

What is the salary range for a expat American with 20 yrs experience for Project Analyst
2.What is a good compound near the American School?
3.What is the rent range for a 4 bedroom villa/
3. I hear driving is horrible. What is the monthly cost for a driver?
4.What is normal deductable for health insurance
5. Do companies pay the school directly for education
6. A good expat firm to review contract and assis twith relocation
7.Any reviews on the American school
8.Best compound near sidra and how hard is it to get in/
9. Is it best to bring computers or purchase?
10. Where to find scrapbooking and craft items?
11.Best stores for teenage kids clothes
12. Do the high school kids wear uniforms?
13. Is it customary for companies to ship belongings
14. How long does it usually take to get paid
15. Best banks to recommend
16. Best place to get braids( African American Teenager)
17. Best compounds for kids
18. Is it normal to work 5 days or 6
19. Normal working hours
20. Does health insurance cover eyes and dental
21. Best place for pediatric care
22.Any red flags that i should look for in a contract
23. What is the normal electric bill for 4 bed room villa
24. Any where to buy plus size clothing
I know it is lot of questions, but any help is appreciated.

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By virtual_morpher• 4 years 12 months ago.

I hope by now you've figured out that asking the same set of questions repeatedly isn't going to get you any where.Forget about looking up the very handy "FAQ" under the Qatar Guide section ,you didn't even bothering changing the "tone" of your post. How many people does it take before you realize that your "best" of list came across as astoundingly arrogant ? Apparently a whole lot!

For someone hired as a "project analyst" you've show a staggering lack of initiative and savvy when it came to getting answers for some very mundane questions.Let me guess, you use words like "go-getter" and "proactive" in your resume dontcha ? Whoever hired your lazy behind should be fired !

By richard2011• 5 years 2 days ago.
Rating: 4/5





3. 2000/Month

4.i dont know

5. Depends on your contract

6. I dont know

7. Good Opinion

8.No hard job to get in....You can easly get in....

9. There are hundreds of computer shops here.

10. Come and Search

11.Come and Search

12. Yes

13. No Idea

14. Every month

15. Many banks

16. Come and Search

17. Come and Search

18. some are 5 days and some are 6 days

19. 8 Hrs to 24 Hrs

20. Yes

21. Come and Search

22.No Idea

23. 500/Month

24. Everywhere

Now let me have a karak chai...

By gene_lv• 5 years 2 days ago.

Don't you know how to use google? or do you want people to spoon feed you?

By gene_lv• 5 years 2 days ago.

You missed one question: Where can I find a man to make YOU HAPPY:

Answers : Qube, Irish, Fahrenheit, Seven, Mercure, Indian Restaurants, Carlift.

By rb73• 5 years 2 days ago.

Next question please.

By landloverreview• 5 years 2 days ago.

Are you trying to make a book?

For most of your answers

1. Visit Qatar Guide.

2. Classified Section

and for other questions use the Search option in QL.


By Molten Metal• 5 years 2 days ago.
Molten Metal

My sister Dee, Salaam, is the list complete ?

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