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By sameersha2006

well i am interested in making friends. to be honest i want to make friends globally. And am new to qatar. so please scrap me message me or buzz me
my email address is

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By sameersha2006• 9 years 8 months ago.

Well my name is sameer. I am an easy going person can speak up to six languages, and obviously willing to learn more. i CAN SPEAK ENGLISH (U.S)FLUENTLY, ARABIC (INTERMEDIATE), HINDI /URDU FLUENTLY, KANNADA , TAMIL , MALYALAM. mE I LOVE TRAVELLING MAKIN NEW FRIENDS. I am a person who gets along with any one. i work as marketing manger for a logistics company and am 25.well my sunshine is gemini

By alsboy• 9 years 8 months ago.

Welcome aboard de QL Wagon...!!! Dont u worry, der r loads of people out here who wud pull out der hands in friendship... Hell yea, i am one of dem...!!! Gud 2 meet u bro :)

By anonymous• 9 years 8 months ago.

Can you formally introduce yourself here so that we can introduce ourselves too.

By DaRuDe• 9 years 8 months ago.

Post here about yourself and some one will hit you back any time after reading your introduction.

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