Gratuity payment after 5 years

By ergunercan

Hi all.

I had been working in one of the company since March 2005. By the beginning of May 2011, I resigned from my job and transferred to another company.

Since I had already completed over 5 years in my previous company, my gratuity payment will be 21 days per year or 30days (or 4 weeks) per year?

Can someone please inform me regarding the above?

According to many people in qatar living, this would be 1 month per year, but there is no supporting documentation.

Does anyone has any document clearly explaining gratuity payments after 5 years? Qatar Labour Law only specifies the mimimum gratuity payment which is based on minimim 3 weeeks and includes no more information.

Hope yo see some responses regarding the matter.

Thanks and regards.

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By anonymous• 6 years 11 months ago.
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The minimum gratuity pay as per the Qatar Labor Law is 21 days, but it is with the discretion of the Management to give u more than that. You can check your contract for that...

By anonymous• 6 years 11 months ago.
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The Labor Law is precise:

Article 54: This gratuity shall be agreed upon by the

two parties, provided that it is not less than a three-week wage for every year of employment. The worker shall be entitled to gratuity for the fractions of the year in

proportion to the duration of employment.

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