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By yunis02

Hi everybody. am supposed to leave Morocco for Qatar, Doha next month to work as a translator with GSCS company.Can anyone provide me with more information abt this company. thanks in advance.

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By kornucopia• 9 years 8 months ago.

Hey, same case applies to me since i have been selected to work as translator to relocate in Doha, Qatar via this company. So, how come that it is just a fake company and will take our money ? can you provide more info about that? thanks in advance.

By Ludovic• 9 years 8 months ago.

Yes , you will be working and they take your money , une bandes de cons

By Rabie36• 9 years 9 months ago.

Hia hadik a algoss jabtiha f llaks!

By The outsider• 9 years 9 months ago.
The outsider

Hi there!

1st, you r not gonna work for GSCS. This is just the mediator company (société d'interrime). You will be working for the Combined Media Processing Centre in the American military base in As-siliah and belive half what you see and none of what you hear.

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