Gulf Supplies and Commercial Services Doha

By chmarkh1981

I am considering a pending job contract with Gulf Supplies and Commercial Services in Doha.
In the beginning when they tested and interviewed me they told me that I will work for them and later they told me I will sign the contract with them but I will work for the American Military base in Siliya.(as a translator)
I am afraid that as they have hidden this information they may hide other information before my coming.
is there someone who knows anything about Gulf Supplies and Commercial Services.
Their offer is 5500 QA Monthly salary
housing+transportation+medical care assured by the company
Thanks in advance

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By Human Resource• 8 years 3 months ago.
Human Resource

Dear All, & Hi pilina indeed yes the company is taking care very well to their employees. And back to the question i would like to help you with your doubt in accepting the job with that company. You are worried that there are some "hidden information" as you said. They are doing this as they want to protect their employees & aspiring applicants. We all know that there are some nationalities & countries in this world who still hates the US government and it's people it is up to you to understand & realize what i am trying to say.

By ajnabi007• 8 years 4 months ago.

can i have the email address of gulf services.... as i want to apply as a translator... so if u guys cud help me... thanx..

By anonymous• 8 years 11 months ago.
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My father, my brother, my cousins, and some of family friend of us are working in american base but they are hired by Gulf supplies and commercial services.

And I know the company is good, and they care a lot about their employees.

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