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Head of Internal Audit Salaries in Qatar

By ihkiyani

I am a US citizen with approximately 15 years of auditing experience and hold CA, CPA certifications. I am considering a job offer in Qatar (Head of Internal Audit)and need help in determining correct salary ranges. What QAR salary I should expect in Qatar? Any help will be grealty appreciated.



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By londonlad• 6 years 3 months ago.

VP earning 99,000 Qrs? I'd like to know which organisation is that

By hislam• 7 years 5 days ago.

Loved your comment, very true.

But when financial accountability comes to you#ll be crying for somebody to release you

By anonymous• 7 years 5 days ago.
Rating: 3/5

Manager Internal Audit - 35000 Qrs

VP - Internal Audit - 99000 Qrs.

By Chairboy• 7 years 6 days ago.

However much it is, its TOO much!Auditors add NO value to business - they are leeches who detract from the overall objectives of business - personal opinion of course.

By osamabawab• 7 years 6 days ago.

I forgot to mention that he (my boss) is not CA and he does not have any international certifications other than the egyptian post graduate degree.

By hislam• 7 years 6 days ago.

Unless you are from Egyptian origins.

By hislam• 7 years 6 days ago.

I think ihkiyani, you're shocked now.

This position in USA should be 120-150K $ a year and I guess you were expecting to double that.

My opinion is to aim high then negotiations follow.

By Colt45• 7 years 6 days ago.

I sure would like to know how much my SVP earns lol!!!

But yeh, like FS said, it all depends on the company and your ability to negotiate, but I wouldn't put that below QAR 25K excluding housing and transport.

By osamabawab• 7 years 6 days ago.
Rating: 5/5

my boss (head of internal audit) is earning about Q.R. 25,000/- plus furnished villa and 4x4 vehicle and yearly bonus, and he is egyptian, so -in my opinion- for american it should not be less than Q.R. 40,000 plus other benefits.

By Formatted Soul• 7 years 6 days ago.
Rating: 2/5
Formatted Soul

Depends on the company...and your experience..if its govt or semi govt company it will be good package.

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