Housing in Doha

By zyrke


I'll be working soon in Doha. I got some information about cost of living, thanks for all who contributed.

I would like ask prices for house/apartment/rooms available in Doha. Actually, I'm looking for the economy type, but good condition.

I'll be bringing my wife and 1-year old child with me.

Can you give me range of prices. If I live outside Doha and travel to Doha for the work, is it advisable.

Sharing of house/apartment or do you call it villa, how can I look for it?

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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By donmarar• 7 years 7 months ago.

a furnished house with 2 to 3 bedrooms for 2000. That is cheaper than the United States. I am engineer from the US and my salary is 68000, it seems qatar is very cheap. My uncle works with Exxon Mobil and got transfered from the US to Qatar and he has 15 years expirience, but his company pays for his villa, his car, and provide him with monthly allowance. so his overall monthly salary is around 285K USD. So for the US citizen, i would recommend you transfer through an american company to work in any of the gulf countries. I have another friend of mine who works for Saudi Electric company and he is make 150K with full accomodation.

By Tamer Gamea• 7 years 7 months ago.
Tamer Gamea


I am looking for a studio apartment starting from 20 November 2010 till 20 February 2011 and it is preferably to be furnished or even semi furnished.

I look forward to getting your advices and responses to tamer.gamea@gmail.com

thank you in advance!


By Samela Sulejmani• 7 years 9 months ago.
Samela Sulejmani

I was thinking to apply at some University of Arabic language.I already study Arabic in Sarayevo but I am not pleased..etc..Also,I would like to apply for some job..student job or whatever..Second thing,my friend want's to apply for a Medical job there..So can anyone give us some first-hand info about thi high of salary for a Medical Tecnician job?Which is the best way to find schoolarship?thank's forward!!

By anonymous• 7 years 10 months ago.

You can now find your dream accommodation on http://totalqatar.com/Classifieds/CFM_Home.aspx

By Amgadhatem• 7 years 11 months ago.

it is better to tell it to u like that

Qatar is nice place to live in & really it is better to came alone and do it yourself .

Good Luck :)

By qatarisun• 7 years 11 months ago.

ntasa, for 4 br villa might cost 18000, 25000 and even 30,000. Depends on where and what quality.

Pauline, instead of concerning about laws and regulations regarding bringing puppies, you should be concerned about laws and regulations regarding bringing boyfriends.

Qatar is a muslim country, and living with your boyfriend out of wedlock is punishable by the law.

If your boyfriend wants to come to qatar for searching a job, he has to obtain a visit visa, I believe through the hotel, to live in hotel, and to leave the country once the visa is expired.

By ntasa• 7 years 11 months ago.

My firsr response to Zyrk only,

All others should have started a new discussion, however here are my 2 cents


(4 bedroom villa plus maid's room, large kitchen, central or split unit aircon system, built in wardrobes and kitvhen units, outside a compound)

You are welcome. Yes Rents Must be your main concerns here.

Price range from 12K to 15K/month. Yes, there is commission ..and you'll find lot of choices, thanks to EMADI :)


Welcome, you are asking us abt salary. hmm, i really believe its a personal issue and it varies from person to person. may be it'd be helpful for you to know minimum wages in your industry of field in order to set your financial targets above that threshold.

Normally govt/semi goverment companies provides housing allowance, transportation allowance and education allowance .. with obviously controlling your needs you can always save (otherwise what's the point). on the other hand you can spend all ur saving in one hour (by spending in Peal Apartments ;)

typically, for a 10 year lead position, you should be getting 20K+ with housing or 30K+ all incusive (again, its just my opinion, the best resource should be your own professional friends - in GCC)/.

Whatever you get, try to benchmark within your own field so as to determine if you are not being cheated, and then Thanks God and try to remain contented while focusing on balancing quality life and quality living and following your career passion. God Bless you .. cheers


I think your base is OK, however I personally feel you should negotiate up to 3K more in your base. but always do so, with a RISK OF LOSING THIS OFFER as well. so its your call my friend.

overall QP rates are in line with most reputable international firms in GCC and on higher sides. may be the cash in is not so high, but fringe benefits will set your family life free from worries. What abt annual bonus, that'll cover for your extra bucks i guess.

good luck, and don't lose this offer.


I wish they have online webcams to show you around, but villas are quite typical here, mostly just covering the cost developed for business/commercial purpose. You can get whatever you want, but do not have any high expecatations before coming here. If you are not one of those who easily gets disappointed, you'll really enjoy your life here.

try ZigZag towers or Hyatt residency villas nearby, to amaze your senses.

you need to get international extension for your medical health insurance,

QR 37K equals to above USD10K+ (tax free)

a 4BR villa in Doha must be nice, not sure about the pool, most have one with boundary walls(gated), and RASGAS is a worldclass company, many just dream to join.


We don't know your position, living style and career/life/financial ambitions, but generally speaking the package you mentioned comes in higher side. you can easily survive, maintain and enjoy with decent saving hopefully. good luck and welcome to doha


18K is not bad, provided that you use it wisely. if you manage to control spend up to 50% in your accomodation and cost of living you will join the happiest ones here who have something to save and enough to spend and enjoy.

regarding your puppy ask your company, if they can hire and give him a visa too (kidding)

ask immigiration or someone having similar experience.

for your boyfriend, I am sure he can not come unless as a husband or employed in qatar.

By ntasa• 7 years 11 months ago.

First of All, you are most welcome to Doha, by far the most closely knit vibrant community of expats in the GCC.

The rates are stable now, but at higher side.

you need to visit here first, select area, locality, building type/ e.g. sharing villa, apartment, compound whatever suits your budget and situation.

I am not sure, but rents are starting from 2500 (for old buildings) 1BD Hall Kitchen in medium areas and going up to 8000 for 2 BR Hall Kitchen (Furnished).

you better survey yourself as you only know exactly what you are looking for. May be you strike a deal with your employer or colleague or family/friend/relative here who can support you with accomodation or cost sharing etc.

If you are living outside doha, why you want your familY (who need you obviously) in Doha .. why don't you keep them with you, whether its alkhor or messaied etc. let the company provide you / support you with accomodation.

do not get afraid of prices mentioned here; I believe in Doha you can always find something within your budget

take care


By Pauline.• 7 years 11 months ago.

I have been offered a job in Qatar, earning QR18000 per month. Out of this I have to pay for accommodation, food, transport (about QR1800 per month to rent a car). I would obviously need a 2-bedroom place with a garden as I have a puppy that I want to bring with. Is this a good salary and can we (2 people - my Fiance & I) live comfortably? Also, my Fiance will be coming with me, he is currently unemployed in South Africa and battling to find a job. How easy will it be for him to find a job, he is in the food industry, making of yogurts and fruit juices and does canning of tin foods? We are both South Africa. Also, my BIG concern is that I have a 7 month old Jack Russel puppy, what are the laws and regulations, will I be able to bring him into the Country?

By Raj586• 10 years 4 months ago.

I know its late got so much occupied at work and got hold of watever i got. I feel i can still take a chance of looking at options but wonder if u have any in hand. Thanks & Merry Christmas!

By amnesia• 10 years 5 months ago.

absolutely, I'm in London at the moment but back at the end of the month, send me a message on the first of december and I'll send you details of this brand new 1br in a compound with a pool


By anonymous• 10 years 5 months ago.

can some one advice me where can i get a decent 1BHK for about 4000QR?

By amnesia• 10 years 5 months ago.

poolplan, you are advising him 15k a month for an ECONOMY apartment??

@Raj, 8k for a 2bedroom or 9k for a three bedroom, there is a new building that needs a touch up from the inside (shouldn't cost much) and i'll give you the details if you need.

It's in Najma road.

But anyway having 15k + housing + car as you mentioned is more than enough.

Put it this way, the government pays a QATARI 20k for a admin job ;) and that includes all the benefits and allowances.


By Alphabattle• 10 years 5 months ago.

Sounds like a lot if you've got no children!

By poolplan• 10 years 5 months ago.


You want to be asking for QR15,000 per month housing allowance, plus QR25,000 basic salary in addition to educational costs for your children.

By Alphabattle• 10 years 5 months ago.

Wow...wanting whirlpool baths or having 15000 and being provided with a flat... = loads of money!

By Raj586• 10 years 5 months ago.

Arriving in on the 1st of Dec. I know its too late to ask whether QR 15000 + 2 Bedroom furnished + Car. Is it enough for a good stay and save. I still dont know cost of living on daily basis. Pls advise....

By sammie1571• 11 years 10 months ago.

I was wondering if you have any 2-3 villas or apartment to rent in area 22 Bin mahmoud


By Winnie• 11 years 11 months ago.


Jenni. my husband will be working for Rasgas soon also. See my blogs for info received on Rasgas. They have been extremely favourable. It sounds like a good company to work for and they seem to look out for the family. Haven't seen any pictures of the accommodation yet which is killing me. If you find any let me know and I will do the same. What is your overall package if you don't mind me being nosey. It is difficult from the other side of the world to guage whether one has a good or very good deal.

By Jenni• 11 years 11 months ago.


Thankyou for answering my questions I really appreciate it.


By Super7• 11 years 11 months ago.

Jenni Health insurance with global coverage is best purchased from someone like BUPA or PPP online or via phone. If you require North America coverage you have to specify and it will be slightly more expensive. Don't buy medical insurance from a local qatari company it is terrible.

The specifications of your villa depend on the villa. Some have pools some don't. Very few have wwhirlpool baths.

37,500 is USD10,273 at the exchange rate of 3.65 which is fixed.

RasGas is very nice to its employees. I would imagine you will be on the compound in Gharaffa with the other RasGas expats. Nice shared pool gym, squashcourts and club house.

By Jenni• 11 years 11 months ago.

I understand what health insurance is, but does that world health insurnce cover health insurance in the USA? Also is QR37,000 per month equals up to in US Dollars? Also is a Villa in Doha with 4 bedrooms nice and so some have personal pools in the backyard and our the backyards fenced in for privacy? Also is RasGas a good company to work for? Can you purchase world health insurance in Qatar from an insurance agent?

I appreciate any of the questions that you can answer for me.


By Jenni• 11 years 11 months ago.

I was wondering about what a Villa looks like and are they nice like a 4 bedroom Villa. My husband will be working for RasGas and they are putting us and paying for a 4 bedroom villa and I was wondering if they have whirlpool tubs in the Master bedroom bath?


By anonymous• 11 years 11 months ago.

I being offered by QP a position there. The basic salary is QR13,000.00 per month. And total allowance for accomodation, transport and others worth QR 10,000.00 per month. This is long term contract. I'm married with 2 children of 7 and 9 yrs old(school is paid by QP). With the experience of 14 yrs in oil & gas, should i take the offer? Pls advice as i need to reply to them ASAP.

By Helloqatar• 11 years 11 months ago.

You want QR15,000 per month, plus housing, world health insurance, travel yearly home, education allowance of QR40,000+/- per year, car allowance if you can get it, Electric/water/phone/DSL.

By Nandu_21_75• 11 years 11 months ago.

Dear Friends,

I am being offered a job here. I am with my wife and a 2 year old kid. I need your help in knowing as to how much should I negotiate for a decent living for such a small family. I have 10 years of industry experience and i am in a lead position. Since my son is growing, will have to think about his education also. So please guide me for a good salary with housing, education, cost of living, travelling, and savings in mind.

It would be of great help for me.

Thanks in advance,


By Safwany• 11 years 11 months ago.


It is not useful to send you details now cause it wont last for long, everything here is running so fast.

The best way is to let me know once you arrive and then we will see what is available according to your requirments.


By Tata• 11 years 11 months ago.


Would it be possible for you to send me details of these villas?

Many thanks.

By Safwany• 11 years 11 months ago.


I have few villas almost as per your requirments and the owner ask for QR 15,000.

I believe you have my contacts, let me know once you arrive to Qatar.


By Tata• 11 years 11 months ago.

Many thnaks for the reply Ayman and heloqatar. And I thought Dubai is bad.

I'm just looking for a comfortable 4 bedroom family home that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. What are independent landlords like re maintnenace? They can be a nightmare here in Dubai. I'd prefer a newish independent villa, say couple of years old, with good air-conditioning system, good size workable kitchen, reasonable size garden as I hvae 3 boys that like to kick ball, high wall for privacy. pool not required. I don't mind living in a local (Qataris) area

By Helloqatar• 11 years 11 months ago.

What you are looking at for a villa, I would guess, QR15,000 to QR18,000 per month. Maybe more but not less, I think.

By Safwany• 11 years 11 months ago.

Dear Tata,

It is usually the owners who pay the renting commission but due to some greedy owners they increased the rent and don't even want to pay the commission or maybe pay part of it to the agents, so for some cases they agents ask the tenants that they will need to collect their commissions from them.


By Tata• 11 years 11 months ago.

Help! We may be moving to Qatar in July. We are a family of six. My husband is negotiating terms. Our main concern is the escalating rents. How much do we expect to pay for an independent 4 bedroom villa plus maid's room, large kitchen, central or split unit aircon system, built in wardrobes and kitvhen units, outside a compound. Do we have to pay the agent's comission like we do in Dubai?

Any advise will be much appreciated. many thanks

By Helloqatar• 11 years 11 months ago.

You will have a hard time unless housing is provided. Villa I got for QR7000 in Jan is now QR8000 for new people.

By zyrke• 11 years 11 months ago.

Do you think I can get a room for $1,000?

By zyrke• 11 years 11 months ago.

Thank you Amara7, but what ae the chances that a fellow contract worker would share villa or apartment? I just only need one room. Thanks.

By mevlevidervish• 11 years 11 months ago.

Housing here is EXTREMELY expensive and is rising astronomically. A nice apartment, furnished etc. 2-3 bedrooms is going to cost you 7,000QR/month. Villas start at 10,000QR per month, and that's the unfurnished price. Most people come here thinking the allowance given to them by their employer will be adequate, but I know nobody who has not had to dive into their own funds. I don't recommend that you come here.

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