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how to apply jobs in bank @ qatar?

By anonymous

Frnds, I am looking for job openings in bank.Is there any bank tests conducting here.Or else only option is to apply through online...which is a real waste of timee.

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By anonymous• 7 years 3 weeks ago.
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Just apply through their website and apply online, I think that will be better for you...hassle free...

By anonymous• 7 years 3 weeks ago.

thanks amir for ur reply.I tried the same methodd but security guys are not allowing to meet H.R.They are taking C.Vs wit them.I dnt feel it is worthwhile.Is there any bank test or similar qualifying tests conducting over here?

By AmirJ• 7 years 4 weeks ago.
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all the bank's head offices are at "Bank road" that is from Sword signals to words the Cornish. Go there an give your CV in their HRs. :)

By FahadH• 7 years 4 weeks ago.

I am looking for a job too,dear.I wish i knew what to do.

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