Job Offer in Qatar at 12000 QR per month.

By rahul.arora

Hi every one...!!

I know this quest must have been raised a lot many times in lot many forums an topics..but still being so much concerned about my decision, i look for some support specific to my case.

I am a bachelor from India and I have got a job offer at Rs 12000 QR per month (Basic + HRA), Car by company, fuel and mantnc by company + incentives + once in 18 months tickets to home country for my self + medical insurance + 31 days paid extra for every year. The company deals in facade and architectural Glasses and is a group company of Banz Group.

A few facts about me :
1.) I dont drink and smoke.
2.) A vegetarian
3.) Not a Party animal, but yes twice a month would be needed.
4.) Ready to live in a shared flat/ apartment (but a separate room and bathrrom atleast)
5.) In india getting around 75,000 per month + fuel for car + phone.

So based on the fact above my ques are :
1.) How much can i save after spending on Food, misc ,house rent ??
2.) Would it be a nice move to take this offer?
3.) Can anybody comment on the company background?
4.) How is Doha as a place to live an work?
5.) About further oppurtunities?

I hope i hv made my case quite specific. Would love to see some real time experiences and comments on the above to help me take a decision.

Looking forward for the support...


By shazdin• 10 years 9 months ago.


if you are a north indian then search a accomodation a two room set i can share it with you. i am joining recently

you can drop me an email at

By frontieragent• 10 years 9 months ago.

Agreed on most part. Qatar for me is a working place only. I make more money but sacrifice a lot more on missing family back in the states. So you got to balance it out. Now when your making 52,000 Riyals a month, or 630,000 a year, the balance is leaned way more towards Qatar. Sorry mom and dad.

By rahul.arora• 10 years 9 months ago.

Hi Frens...thanx to all for your worthy feedback

By Mom_me• 11 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 3/5

rahul, if money is the only criteria you are coming to work in Qatar, it is a good decision. However, if you are looking for a wholesome approach as in stimulating work condition or regular workshops and seminars for employee growth you need to rethink. Otherwise, you may have more decision making freedom at workplace in comparison to India.  

By ghazalz• 11 years 1 month ago.

It’s a quite reasonable offer

By rahul.arora• 11 years 1 month ago.

thnx for the response buddhajo ....

By XceptionalGreat• 11 years 1 month ago.

You should have not divulged so much about your offer & the company.. I wish your HR has not read all this..

Most of the companies in Qatar do not expect the employees to disclose the package, etc.

In my opinion, your package is just okay, and you can give it a try.

As one gentleman advised you earlier, leave the current company with a good note, leaving an option to return back if the things do not go well in Qatar !!

All the best !!

By unniadinadu• 11 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

Dear friend, You have to discuss with the company about your accommodation. I believe that, they will give you house rent allowance. I am also living here in Qatar as a Bachelor (I am married, but I cann't bring then to here because she is working there in India). I think you will get atleast QR3000 pm as house rent. So you will get a single attached room in a decent area for just QR 2500. So you can use the extra QR500 for your expnses. Anyway, no doubt, you can send QR10,000 pm to India. So first of all, better to discuss with your company regarding the rent allowance. Good Luck man...

By joygem• 11 years 1 month ago.

i think that's a scam..if they ask you to send them money thru paypal or western dont..its fraud

By anonymous• 11 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

The incentives seem pretty attractive. You can really save in the gulf.

1 room accommodation - anywhere from QAR 500 - QAR 2,000+. Alternative, you may be able to find someone to lease a 2BHK together. Driving being a key to access cheaper accommodation.

Not sure on veg food as i'm not veg but if you cook then really cheap. I guess meats and fish are comparatively expensive.

For a single bachelor - Doha ain't that good as a place to live (not at the moment atleast). If you are outgoing and make a bunch of friends - then great. Friends being a key - whether you earn QAR 10K or QAR 150K per month. Like a said before - if you survive the first 6 months, then you'll be fine.

You'll not be able to change jobs easily in Qatar itself.

Overall, you'll be able to save and if that matters the most then go ahead. Wish you all the best.

By buddhajo• 11 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 2/5

dude,lots of ppl here frm India working on lesser sals and quite a few who get much everybody's going to answer you from their situational point of view..the sal is okay if u the kind that can save..shared accom plus expenses will work out to approx 3500qr any which way(lodging plus food)veg food will be a bit of a headache, unless u cook yourself...75k in India is comfy too,come to qatar if you just looking to save some wise the market is pretty stagnant here,esp since you cant job hop remember not to burn your bridges back home..

By baldrick2dogs• 11 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 2/5

Forget future opportunities without NOC. Take ONLY the job you can stick with or leave for two years

By smah• 11 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

Brother better stay in India.

QR 12000 is very less in comparison to Rs. 75000.

You'll enjoy a better life in India in that amount.

By Hawk10• 11 years 2 months ago.

If you are true in earning 75000 in India, then why you want to leave your family and country? Diesn't make any sense. You will hardly save this much here also....simple farmula

By r_ahmed• 11 years 2 months ago.

better stay with family, because your's earning in india is not bad. so if you carry on there in future there are prospects

By adeelijaz49• 11 years 2 months ago.

What is your occupation !! I cant get it from ur post

By anonymous• 11 years 2 months ago.

I heard of banz in Bahrain - not sure of Qatar. Where in India are you working? Saving will be not issue at all - considering you do not drink. Professionally, however you might be frustrated. Also Qatar is a difficult place to make friends - so if you survive the first 6 months, then you'll be fine. So do leave you current job on a good note and keep an option of returning.

You come here to make money - period. As an Indian, you'll get PG easily - veg food is very cheap. Getting a driving license is not that easy - so budget taxi for 4-5 months. All the best

By Angelo• 11 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

I would say at Qr.12,000.00 (Basic * HRA) stay back in India with what you are earning.

House rents are real high here and it is expected to rise again in 2012. Food is expensive.

By anonymous• 11 years 2 months ago.

al right ,alright young man workhard,be punctul and obedient i wish you the best

By rohanj• 11 years 2 months ago.

Hi Rahul,

Never known abot the company.. however, incase u don't find sufficient infor abot the company, its rather advisable for u to be back in India.

Hope the company is paying for ur visa+travel and wud not ask u to pay a penny for any of the relocation cost.

Because, no company asks candidates to pay for relocation cost.

All the best...

By mr_qatar• 11 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

well dear 12000 X 12.30 = 147,635.26 indian rupees.. far more then ur current salary.. & doha is far better & secure then ur current place.. u can save alot in 12000.. but really dont know about the company even i heard this name first time from ur mouth..

By be_happy_cool• 11 years 2 months ago.

i think its a good offer. here the salary is tax free. i believe you can save around QR.5000-6000 or more depending upon your life style and expenses considering you as a bachelor.

By anonymous• 11 years 2 months ago.

Better to stay in india

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