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List Price of Fruit and Vegetables in Qatar

By xtian001


Here's the update to our previous price list for groceries in Qatar. This time, we have a list of the prices of fruits and vegetables. If you go and download the Microsoft Excel file, you’ll notice that items have been given a category and their respective prices in Qatari Rial (QR), US dollar (US$) and Philippine Peso (Php). Again, we got the prices from Lulu Hypermarket as it is closer to our place. Since supermarkets here do not only limit themselves to food and vegetables, we usually call them hypermarkets as they may offer electronic items, kitchen appliances and other stuff not usually found on a Supermarket. Prices in Carrefour, Giant Stores, Family Food Center, etc. might be a bit more expensive by .25 halala but I’m sure that won’t deter you from going to those shops if you’re nearer or if you plan to do more than grocery shopping. Imported specialty goods from Holland (Chinese cabbages, potatoes, lettuces, broccoli, celeries, leeks, asparagus, baby carrots, etc…) are also thrice in amount of items imported from nearby countries like Turkey, Egypt, Saudi and even far off countries like New Zealand and Australia. Thus, I didn’t really include them on the list. If you’re looking for Indian or Pakistani vegetables and fruits, Lulu offers these more than the other shops.

As Fridays and Saturdays are the official weekend here in Qatar, try to do your grocery shopping on a weekday as there as less people then. Aside from the number of people on the groceries during weekends, you’ll also notice the increase in traffic on the streets which you also want to avoid. Thursday evenings are also not exceptions as a lot also do their grocery shopping right after work on this day. If you need to really do it on a Thursday, try to finish before 6 PM.

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