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Prometric Exam for Nurses

By josephc

Can anyone help me in giving some information regarding Qatar Prometric exam for Nurses, what books to study or how to prepare. My wife recently took the exam but did not pass, she referred Lipinoctt & Mosby books, But none of the questions were from those. In supreme council website, they have given some old version books as referance, ( Lippincott 2005, Fundamental nursing 2006 etc..) which we couldn’t find anywhere. Is any of these books available in Qatar, which one is the best book for reference, any other valuable information which could help improve the score will be appreciated..

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By jio_gabriel• 3 years 11 months ago.

hi guys..i am just concern with how much will be the exam fee?does anyone have the idea?

By Fidelis01• 7 years 1 month ago.

when is your wife going to take the next exam?

By anonymous• 7 years 2 months ago.
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You can refer to Lippincott 19th edition. Books are availale in Jarir Book Store. You will get even software also to install in system and refer. My wife refer to the same and passed.

Good Luck.

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