Qatar Gas accomodation

By gks

We will be moving to Qatar in a short while, as my husband is joining in Qatar Gas as Senior Engr. We were told that we will be provided acc. in West Bay. Please enlighten me on the foll.:
1. How far are the Indian Schools from West Bay?
2. What all furniture is available in the acc.provided and what we need to purchase with the furniture grant?
3. Hows the Indian Coomunity in and around West Bay?
4. How long does it take to reach Ras Laffan from WB?
I would appreciate if anyone, at present, residing at QG acc. at West Bay would be able to provide me clearer picture upon this.

Thanks & Regards

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By gks• 9 years 5 months ago.

Thankyou Naeem, but we were told that the accommodation is in Doha.

By tnaeem• 9 years 5 months ago.
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hi, i live in Al Khor Community, a joint community between QatarGas and RasGas. I am also part of Qatargas. If you are going to have the accomodation in the Community, the houses are pretty good, and you will get a large villa because your husband is in the senior staff. You will get upto QR 25,000 riyals for furniture allowance, now thats a really really good offer as you can get as much luxurious furniture as you want. there are 2 schools inside the community, one is indian stream and the other is the british stream, both are very close to all houses and transportation to the school is provided daily, the bus will come in front of your house and wait for your child(ren). Ras Laffan is a 25 minute drive from the community, your husband will be provided an individual pick up or a land cruiser for use to go and come from the plant only. QatarGas is one of the largest and highest beneficial company in Qatar, so you are going to recieve lots and lots of benefits, including paid annual vacations. hope ive helped.

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