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query on nurses licensure in qatar

Ross Mayormente
By Ross Mayormente

I am a nurse from the Philippines and i just got here a few days ago. I haven't taken the Prometrics exam yet. I want to get licensed here in Qatar. How do I go about with this? What steps do I need to take? Thank You!

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By xgc1817x• 5 years 6 months ago.

Bro, please visit the first link. Very helpful.

By xgc1817x• 5 years 6 months ago.
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How to obtain Nurse License here in Qatar?

Read more:

Visit official website of Supreme Council of Health Qatar

To download SCH forms:


1. Create an account by signing up as NEW APPLICANT.


Stage 1 - Apply for Evaluation (700 QR)

Stage 2 - Apply for Licensing (300 QR)

2. Click Apply for Evaluation then fill up and upload required documents.

3. Pay fee online (credit card) or manually (ecash card or atm card)

* Once evaluation stage is complete, you will receive an email indicating that you need to get the evaluation certificate at SCH. By this time you are now eligible to apply for licensing.

Requirements: For detailed list go to download forms...

Evaluation Phase

1. Qatar ID - NURSE as your occupation. + passport copy

> OR Working Visa - NURSE

2. Potential Employer Letter

> NOTE: Employer must have a licensed facility

registered in SCH Qatar. visit the link below to see

the list of companies with registered health


3. Educational Certificates - Diploma, TOR, & RLE (Red Ribbon). must be verified & stamped at Philippine Embassy Qatar & Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4. Work experience - notarization not required


5. PRC - Board Certificate & License Card (Red Ribbon)

> Request in Advance from PRC, Certificate of Good

Standing - Sent directly by PRC to SCH. Takes 1

month for regular fee. DHL takes 3-5 days.

6. Prometric Exam Result

> OR you can book here for an exam (Nurse Specialist)

> Fee $200 online payment thru credit card

> exam location near midmac r/a

7. Signed SCH Letter of Authorization (you can download

this form in Qualification and Internship section)

Licensing Phase

1. Immediate Life Support Training (ILS) - register at Hamad International Training Center

4883589 or visit -

2. Medical Result - stamped and forwarded to Messaimer Health Center for needed vaccination

3. Police Clearance in Qatar

> NBI (Red Ribbon) must be verified & stamped at Philippine Embassy Qatar & Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

> Police Clearance Fee 10QR

> Release: after 1 week

> Philippine Embassy Stamped - 100 QR

> Release: same day

> Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 30 QR; via atm card

> Release: same day

By jiane karyll• 5 years 6 months ago.
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jiane karyll

applying a medical license to work as a nurse are now submitted online. you can log in to for details...

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