Sponsorship changes to satisfy expats and citizens

Sponsorship changes to satisfy expats and citizens

By Sarfaraz Mukhtar

The much-anticipated changes in country’s sponsorship law will come very soon and will be good news for both citizens and expatriates, a senior official of the Ministry of Interior has said.

Brigadier Nasser Mohammed Al Sayed, Director of the Search and Follow-Up Department at the Ministry, said that the proposed changes will be in the interest of both the segments.

“Regarding cancellation of sponsorship and exit permit system, I can say that soon there will be good news for all citizens and expatriates and it will be for the benefit of both the parties,”  Al Sayed said yesterday.  

“The expected changes in the law will make everyone happy. If there is a necessity to cancel the sponsorship or exit permit system and replace it with another system,  we will not hesitate (to do that) and very soon people will see the change,” said Al Sayed.

Asked about the recent criticism of the Amnesty International against Qatar, Al Sayed said: “The focus on Qatar is because of the World Cup. We go ahead with our own programmes and plans and don’t care much about their criticism.”

He said there is a plan to open an office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs at the Search and Follow-Up Department to address job-related complaints from workers.

“Many workers don’t know whom to complaint and here we are receiving different types of complaints, including those concerning the Ministry of Labour. So very soon we will open an office of the Ministry for receiving complaints. It will be open 24 hours,” said Al Sayed.

He said many people are approaching the Department with different complaints because it is more accessible and easy to locate. Al Sayed said majority of the complaints were related to delays in payment of salaries.

“There are some companies which sign contracts for projects but don’t get the funds in time. This is causing delays in payment of salaries,” he said.

Another common violation is keeping the workers’ passports with sponsors.  Many workers don’t know that this is a violation of the law, he added.

The Peninsula | Photo by Mohammed Noorudeen

By Rashidsundream• 7 years 7 months ago.

Exit permit low and sponsor ship change is very important, expecting some positive order soon.

This is the main subject about the middle class and lower class expatriates suffering.

By ajuwath85• 8 years 4 months ago.

if who don't have enough money from on countries they are coming to GCC here also if not pay salary from company what is the your rules very bad

By aziz1984• 8 years 4 months ago.

i already cancelled from Qatar since one week, as i heard about that changes long time back but nothing happens,so now i have 2 years ban from work visa in Qatar but if they apply the new rules i will be included or i have to finish the 2 years ban??????????????

By AlamSyed• 8 years 4 months ago.

I am hopeful that new law will bring about much needed change especially in favor of labor class. That will not only change actual conditions and quality of life in Qatar for everyone but also illuminate Qatar's image all across the globe. Western countries have thrived by creating a large middle class which in turn has turned these countries ideal places to live for people from all over the globe. I hope Qatar leadership will keep their eyes on that prize.

By spiderman80• 8 years 4 months ago.

They have been talking about this so mnay times and for so long... what is the hold up ? Just release the provisions of new law !!! My hopes are not that high either ... but very obvious reasons if Qatar wants to be a competitive market .. and a modern country respecting human rights then it needs to abolish NOC and exit permit system... NOC abolishment would mean that the best guys will be working for the best companies... which in turn will make companies want to tbe the best in their field... exit permit system has no purpose... it is a huge admin overhead .. also commonly used to play on employees nerves... that is about it... so hopefully new changes do address those issues and open up labour market for competition.. and let the best employers fight for best employees.. and best employees fight for best employers... let us all raise the bar in search of excellence

By Amazing Love• 8 years 4 months ago.
Amazing Love

Its a good step. There should not be favoritism on one side so that at the end the changes could improve the productivity.

By agrawal• 8 years 4 months ago.

Compare to Dubai, Qatar should take immediate action if they want to develop more and Qatar Government should made and implement good law and justify in favor of expatriates and their citizens and promptly remove slavery law i .e. exit permit sponsorship changes (non-issue of NOC) from old sponsor who are not agree to issue or giving noc and habit of their delaying sending to their (expat) countries after the completion period of employment contract and work projects. after more over I am praying to God please help us to all our indian or asian expatriates through the new in coming law atleast they can work happily and can stay in good environment and in peace.

By AApilado• 8 years 4 months ago.

nice speech very nice but history repeat it self since qatar discover the black gold :(

By levillanueva• 8 years 4 months ago.

Thats a good news for everyone but when will be that soon?we are struggling and we are abused but we dont know wer to go since we are afraid of this such locals because they always said they have lots of connections and power.Now our life are more measerable, we helped, we spend money for company's cost, but we are the who put into blame.

By dadamharqatar• 8 years 4 months ago.


When is that so soon.... after 10 years?

By siraj_88gcc• 8 years 4 months ago.


By traydlogix_doha• 8 years 4 months ago.

inshallah it will happen!!!good news for everyone!cheers!

By majidsheikh• 8 years 4 months ago.

good news..and appreciate the action from ministry and hoping it would be fair to all parties.and if can do ministry open and easy to get pakistani visa...thanx you qatar goverment...

By Ganesh2005• 8 years 4 months ago.

@MM. Correct. But still wait for buying too. We still shouldn't wonder if it takes few months more or about a year and at the end not that so special to celebrate it.

By saluki2000• 8 years 4 months ago.

I have been hearing this for 5 years and nothing, like Mohammed2 said it will be another system which will still have its traps which contractors and Qatari sponsors will find loop holes to torture the innocents, especially the labourer who makes less than QR 500 a month.

Maybe Qatar does not care about amnesty international but they cannot ignore it (which is a concern no matter what that official says). At least the world cup is supposedly bringing change. But the worst part is all this Gas Rich country is going to do is build its infrastructure with the excuse of the world cup on the blood and sweat of those labourers who will ever have a chance to fight back probably with some lame law which say get under paid, get cheated or go and eat kuboos in jail, because his sponsor will be Local who does not give a damn about him but his profits which will be given in the form of some contractor (who has taken thousands from them n false promises and their gullibility) who has recruited the guys who have already cheated them in getting them to Qatar and in turn deprive them of the paltry salary that they wait for to send home given their hardships.

If anything some of you readers should visit the camps these labourers are in. Although I do not live in Qatar anymore I have witnessed enough and still have friends there who can relate. I remember going to visit the labour camps as often as I could and give basic provisions to those people the best way I could and afford, and believe it made a difference to those hapless people. It’s just so painful to see these people deprived of their rights in the form of accommodation, toilets, wages when they are doing their parts to develop that Nation that they thought will help them develop their livelihood and families. There is no point in being so proud of being the country with the highest per capita income in the world and showing off with all the fancy plans for the world cup but do Qataris and their government realize that they are so ungrateful and heartless to them. I suggest you go check the court system which is closed to see how many sponsorship complaints and pending salary complaints there are lodged which are waived or ignored because the sponsor is a big shot or influential person. People make choices to come here but not to be deprived of what they expect. No labourer comes to work for free even if it is QR 500. Those contractors should be jailed and their Sponsors shot, cause every labourer who built and are building those skyscrapers has made huge sacrifices to make those contractors and sponsors richer but never get any respite themselves in the form of their remuneration.

I can bet you my comment here and ID will be deleted by some moderator who is scared out of his wits to leave it online, because either Ooredoo (I liked Qtel Better) or the Ministry of Interior will find it offensive and is demeaning to them as it is the truth. Freedom to point out facts which are not hidden but in front t of you scares people. But For the few minutes or few hours this is online I hope you who read it think about it rather than make lewd comments or even ridicule my statements. The day I see a Qatari pick up a broom and sweep his own countries road will be the day that the labourer has freedom. That’s what scares them, all that Gas money is not to build their infrastructure on their own but on the blood of the expatriates who sacrifice their lives innocently. There are expatiates who are there to make a quick buck by kissing serious Qatari butt, and there is nothing more than flattery which the Qatari loves. If you call him the greatest even if he is not fir for the position you are his man.

Yes I created an ID to write this so I can remain anonymous behind my ID, cause if there was freedom of speech and safety I could reveal myself, and I still have friends there who are like minded over there who can get in trouble because of knowing me. Things happen and nothing is safe in Qatar. I just had to say something because I have seen too much to stay quiet.

الله فقط

By sTrangR• 8 years 4 months ago.

SOON means 5000 years in Qatari language

By sageer khan• 8 years 4 months ago.
sageer khan

When does shall this law will be implement? Is it just a news....hope to see some gd things happen

By mohammad2• 8 years 4 months ago.

'another system' hopelessly will be the other side of the same coin which is indicated by arrogantly ignoring the 'criticism'. the long anticipated 'change' demolition of 'modern slavery' is audaciously discouraged by belittling it referring to the GAMES ( 2022). but thousands lives are not the games. they are harsh reality. show mercy to them. and catch those who are selling visas in the black market in high price and devouring monthly, yearly benefit......**sigh**

By ahamed rashid• 8 years 4 months ago.
ahamed rashid

When????????? Established this rule. Only news.........

By Darmstadt• 8 years 4 months ago.

Wait wait wait

By 784girl• 8 years 4 months ago.

Hopefully not only for constructions and office companies but also houseworkers. In which not only about salary problem but some were psychologically abused. And that whatever signed on a contract shoud be implemented. Especially on their rest day.

By @Rabstag• 8 years 4 months ago.

they might cancel exit permit for senior staff but sponsorship will still be there, the most important thing is the NOC from employer that should be scrapped, but unfortunately there was no mention of that,

He said "replace it with another system" that means another slavery system will take place but 21st century one, Don't keep your hopes up, and don't expect any law to work in your favor and welcome to qatar :)

By Trinadh05• 8 years 4 months ago.

Good news for many

By zakhc07• 8 years 4 months ago.

Till date Qatar has shown stars in the day but hope this time they will seriously implement the law benefiting the expatriates.

By marklore220• 8 years 4 months ago.

how about sponsorship family and children?

By doha estate• 8 years 4 months ago.
doha estate

Always NEWS, but nothing in Action...Lol

By blackburn• 8 years 4 months ago.

This news has been successfully repeated 2 thousand 5 hundred and sixty five times. :D

By Molten Metal• 8 years 4 months ago.
Molten Metal

Ganesh , You mean we should bring sweets but not distribute it yet ....Mon, 05.05.2014 , 09.13 hrs

By Ganesh2005• 8 years 4 months ago.

waiting to see how it looks like

By Ganesh2005• 8 years 4 months ago.

Saying is simply the great. Waiting to see say how it looks like.

By shadowspears• 8 years 4 months ago.

I love the news but until it works. Change is not common in Qatar because the same law makers own the same Alibaba Companies.

By pirate lover• 8 years 4 months ago.
pirate lover

Gr8 News,,,,,hope it comes 2 life very sooooon,,,,Cheer's :)

By samzul• 8 years 4 months ago.

Hope Qatar will do some favor for the workers.

By GodFather.• 8 years 4 months ago.

Will only believe it when we see it, too many false impressions in the Past!

By zackm• 8 years 4 months ago.

Hope everyone gets their wish for reform and changes

By BOXBE16DOBARA• 8 years 4 months ago.

Only news...when will it be implemented

By topgun 90• 8 years 4 months ago.
topgun 90

Great news

By Sense Mine• 8 years 4 months ago.
Sense Mine

good news..and appreciate the action from ministry and hoping it would be fair to all parties.

By Molten Metal• 8 years 4 months ago.
Molten Metal

Appreciate his views .............................................................. Mon, 05.05.2014 , 06.45 hrs

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