Where are we going from here? Lets try to build a safe Qatar

By blacklion

Dear All,

we all know Qatar is the safest country in the world. But now adays we start learning crimes like robbery and rape are being witnessed. Well I believe its better to curve it early before it gets deep rooted, but we need to address the root first. What do you think is the reason?
Please read this article published on gulf time on the 25th of December and post your comment.

Petrol pump salesman robbed in night raid - Sunday, 25 December, 2005, 11:21 AM Doha Time

Staff Reporter

THE police have apprehended three Asians accused of kidnapping a petrol station salesman on the Shamal road in a robbery bid early yesterday.

According to sources, V C Yusuf, the Indian salesman at the Al Khor National Petrol Station was forcibly taken away by the suspects who pushed him into a car at about 2am. The police have identified the suspects as Sri Lankan nationals in their 20s.

Yusuf told Gulf Times that he was on night shift on Friday when a Honda Civic came to the station for refuelling and after he filled the vehicle’s tank, two of the passengers who came out in the guise of making the payment, pushed him into the car and drove away.

“They attacked me with a knife and took the money that was in my pocket.� He said the money could be around QR2,000 which was from the sales during the night.

Yusuf has suffered hand and chest injuries in the knife attack. He said the doctors had asked him to return to the Rumaillah hospital today for a surgery, probably to suture the wound between his thumb and forefinger.

Yusuf said, “it is believed that the chest injury is not deep enough to cause any damage to the internal organs.�

The robbers pushed a bleeding Yusuf out of the car near Isma Isma telephone exchange at about 3am. He walked to a nearby tyre puncture shop and informed the police about the incident. A Qatari who was passing by took him in his car to the police, Yusuf said.

The police rushed Yusuf to the hospital. They were also successful in quickly apprehending the suspects.

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By desertman• 13 years 5 months ago.
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Ian Lillie of the Ramada spoke with the newspapers after the tragedy to assure everyone that the hotel extension would still open on schedule. It's good to see that their priorities are so well in tune with reality.

The other day I was at a charity event that Qatar Airways was a partner in (the Bryan Adams, Reach Out to Asia thing). They had put up banners at the event with a picture of a gloved hand carrying a covered dish. It said something like 'Stop eating airline food and start eating airline cuisine'. I was amazed that no one stopped to think that it might be out of place at an event for impoverished Asians. Way to go Baker!


By butterfly• 13 years 5 months ago.
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I think rape occurrences are common it Doha, but it just goes unreported. It is a qestion of honour, i think, if a woman has been raped, she will often try to hide it.

Totally agree with Dentist, labourers need some attention and their working and living conditions MUST improve. Move on Qatar, slavism is a thing of the past.

By dentist• 13 years 5 months ago.
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Your postings reminded me of a comment I read in Al-Sharq newspaper today by one guy complaining of Rats invading the industrial area and taking the labour houses as habitats...What grabbed my attention is that the guys was concerned Not about the condition of the poor labour BUt about the rats turning to Doha which will be a big problem for him...to hell with the poor labours.

Another alarming news was what happened yesterday at Al-Ramada hotel annex...horrible...un-forgivable by all means.

I don't think the ministry of interior have the right to be proud of saving some casualties....it's a biiiiiiiiig shame that they didn't monitor the necessary safety messures that should have been taken before this disaster occured.

I am feeling sorry for the men who died,they lived and worked as slaves and in the end they died with disgrace...even worse than a slave would die.

To the people who are responsible for safety and construction in the country WAKE UP before it's too late...a fire on corneish and a building collapsing in less than a month!!!! It's about time you did something instead of showing off your uniforms to camera men.

By blacklion• 13 years 5 months ago.
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Hey Buttefly,

This is my expectation too. I think the inflation rate is getting higher and higher. Despite the wealth of the country and the small number of residents in qatar, you might see people living under grave condition. You can also see labourers living in a very bad condition almost like poor countries. These peoples can easily be motivated to commit any crime. Besides the unbalanced ratio of males Vs females could endanger females, because they can be raped by some of these peoples. I am sure you might heard about the rape case of some philipinas in Doha. So i think this is the time to address the issue before it gets worse.

By butterfly• 13 years 5 months ago.
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Hi Blacklion,

In most cases crime is motivated by drug addiction. But in Qatar this is not the case.

I believe the reason is inflation, which I think it has to be higher than what we are told. I would dare to say that it is turning into hyperinflation.

People with little spending power can't keep pace with the constant rising of prices and this motivates crime. And who blames them? When poverty strikes, the only solution might be to turn to crime and prostitution. Or charity.

Inflation not only motivates crime, but it discourages foreing and domestical investment and ultimately, brings gouvernamental inestability.

I believe measures should be taken before the problem becomes a snow-ball.

A pessimistic butterfly...

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