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Meet Our Strategy Team

Our team of senior strategists pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true consulting skills. We’re on the cusp of social media trends, new technologies and new ways to deliver messages effectively and creatively. Guided by the leadership of various leaders in the industry for 27 years, we’ve got a foundation for success that’s set for many decades to come.

Intelligent Business Systems (IT Services)

We are the official distributors for a variety of IT application products for the GCC region. One of our main product is Taskthrough and Fonfare. An ERP based application for the Construction/Engineering industry and for the Hospitality Industry.

Niche Construction Equipment

We are the proud carriers of a variety of niche construction equipment and the legal distributors for the same within the GCC region. We carry for a variety of industries , including the oil & Gas, Hospitality, Engineering/Construction, Education, Medical etc. Contact us for the entire range.

Fire Safety Related Products Integration

We us technology to provide the state-of-the art fire detection technology for a wide range of applications across the commercial, retail and public building sectors . We are also the carriers/agency for a niche set of fire safety products across the GCC. Please contact us for the entire range.

Beyond The Box

We strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies to niche products/industries and your ideas.