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“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” - Aristotle

“The German Dental Centre established in Germany in 1984 as a Sole Trader family business and later in Qatar (in 2004), has a long history in providing quality dental care to the local community and neighboring areas.”

The highly qualified German staff is the core brand muscle; their biographies were not included in this proposal in order to avoid prolongation but you can find them in detail on our web site under (Team).

Our team works on providing our patients high quality care with kindness, courtesy and patience in a friendly environment. However, our procedures and precautions are constrained by the high degree of irrationality involved indental patients‘behavior; we all know how painful this can be.

Our team‘s high response to any pop-upsis primarily supported by patient education about our brand features and the steps of our service scenario. An uneducated patient could easily underestimate our brand and misinterpret our value proposition.

Developments in dentistry and dental materials are frequent; accordingly and our scientific and social responsibilities require active communication and follow-up, either through conference sole training courses. Last but not least, belonging to highly specialized institutions and using the Internet we maintain full coverage of the dental profession, this is what we do specifically, whether with German or other equivalent international accredited institutions, Dental on-line (Munich), Dental XP (USA) and American association of orthodontists specialized long distance education.

Our people who act as communication tools to our branding messages are exposed to an internal marketing campaign. Our team members can never be good conveyors of our messages unless they really believe in our vision and mission statements and believe in the significance of role they are playing in our success story.


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