Al Dana For Home Care Nursing Services

  • Al Dana For Home Care Nursing Services
  • Al Dana For Home Care Nursing Services


As a national institution specialized in providing home nursing services for elders, new-born babies, nurseries & Companies through a team of skilled and experienced nurses to ensure high quality for our medical services. We so specialized in the treatment of semi-acute and chronic patients in their own location and at the lowest possible cost with the same quality treatment provided by hospitals. We remain close to our patients, offering them superior medical care with passion, integrity and professionalism. There are unique challenges attached to deliver quality in-home care. Al Dana Nursing Services understands how important it is for families to have their loved ones having their medical treatments comfortably inside their homes. Our care is based on the principles of compassion and a commitment to excellence.

Al Dana Nursing Services Services

Home Care

You may need help and assistance in looking after the elderly family members, disabled adults or children to make life easier and comfortable for yourself and them. 

  • Elderly Care


Our program for the senior members of your family includes assistance and support in the following activities:

• Feeding via the mouth, a nasogastric tube, or peg
• Bathing in the bathroom or on the bed
• Bowel movement by administering enema
• Mobilisation via wheelchair, cane, crutches, or walker.
• Care of the stoma, colostomy, or tracheotomy tube
• Insertion and handling of nasogastric tube, foley catheter, or intravenous apparatus

  • Child Care


Our well trained staff offer the highest quality of nursing, childcare and babysitting services

  • Special Needs Care


We recognize that some patients with serious illness need special treatment and nursing. Our palliative service is designed to provide them with relief from the symptoms of their illness and allow them to enjoy improved quality of life.

A professional nurse as travel companion

Al Dana Nursing Services companionship is a service we offer to patients in the Qatar who need assistance during their travel to other countries, particularly for medical or treatment purposes. A nurse or healthcare assistant will assist you throughout your trip.

  • Physiotherapy services


Al Dana Nursing Services provides specialised home physiotherapy services in Qatar. Our physiotherapy treatment is designed to help different individuals regain control over their motor functions. 

School Nursing

School Nursing is a practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement of students. 

Industrial Nursing

Al Dana Nursing Services nurses  are registered nurses who use their medical training and clinical experience to treat injured workers and assess job hazards.

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