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  • Aspetar
  • Aspetar


Aspetar is the first specialized Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in the Gulf region. Through its state-of-the-art highly equipped facility and its team’s expertise, Aspetar provides treatment for sports-related injuries for both local and international athletes and professional sportspeople. Aspetar’s Sport’s Cardiology Centre has screened nearly 13,000 athletes from all around the world

Aspetar’s services range from injury prevention to injury management and performance improvement. Professional sportspeople have access to various educational programs whose aim is to maximize their training and competitive potential. These programs include fitness assessment, nutrition, psychology, physiology and physical training.

The hospital takes part in research, medical education and holds a Sports Surgery Training Center.

To assist athletes to achieve their maximum performance and full potential. 

To be a global leader in sports medicine and exercise science by 2020.

Aspetar is located within Aspire Zone.