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DHL Qatar

By sandcastle builder


I'm having a package shipped to Doha via DHL from the USA - my address in Doha only has a P.O. Box and the company sending the package said that they will ship it to a DHL location (as they don't ship to a P.O. Box) and I can then pick it up from there.

My question is for an incoming international shipment which DHL location is it most likely to go to, as there are 4 in Doha??


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By sandcastle builder• 7 years 9 months ago.
sandcastle builder

Thank you all for the responses, my package is still making its way across the USA and should be leaving on Thursday/Friday, once it does i will get the airway bill number plus from the advice on here I can now submit my shipping request with exact instructions to put my Qatar phone number on to aid delivery.

Thanks again everyone! Really appreciated!

By gianvinz• 7 years 9 months ago.
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I suggest you to call DHL on 44587888 before your shipments will arrives here in Qatar and tell them where you want it to be deliver or where you wanna collect them. DHL has 3 service centers: 1> DHL Salwa - Al Thuraya Bldg near the Ain Khalid R/A and opposite Panasonic showroom. 2> DHL Airport Rd. Same bldg of New Indian Supermarket after Hardees. 3> DHL Industrial Area on St 40 Gate 31.

By treysdad• 7 years 9 months ago.
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If the shipper added your contact number in the shipping information, then DHL will contact you once they have cleared it from customs. They will either ship it to your company (if your company has an existing arrangement with DHL) or you will have to pick it up.

DHL office is on airport road, in front of QA cargo office.

Better if you have the waybill number then you can track your shipment online.

By anonymous• 7 years 9 months ago.
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yes best is to call and ask at any of their branches. I usually deal with UPS between US and here and it has been going very well. They deliver it to my place even though i do not provide a PO box

By certified BisDak• 7 years 9 months ago.
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certified BisDak

You can track your package through their website...

Also u can call this number 44587888, make sure u have the waybill number so you advice them your exact location and office timing...

Hope this can help you....

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