i need to check traffic violation fine

By musirisenthil

i checked my traffic violation, i got 500 QAR fine for blocking the road and loading in al bidda area on aug 16 th at 6 am. to be frank at the time i am not there, my vehicle with me. so it is imposible . please guide me where to check.

it is possible to check.


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By francisantony01• 6 years 7 months ago.
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s far as time n date regard u have 2 go directly to the traffic department in madina khalifa south wr they will show u excat details with photo nd there will b time nd date given u cn clarify with thm if u wrnt thr @ dat time nd just for usual checking u cn log on to www.moi.gov.qaa

By ramyk• 6 years 7 months ago.
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As far as i know, from reading around on QL and other places, it's pretty common for your traffic violation to be accurate but have a wrong date/time stamp.Should you require to dispute the fine, I think you'd have to go to Madinat Khalifa Traffic Dept. There's a section there for traffic violations.(To check/settle your traffic violations online, go here: http://www.moi.gov.qa/TFCViolations/English/EnglishInput.jsp)Good Luck.

By cherukkan• 6 years 7 months ago.
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That is for speeding. Go to Traffic Dept. in Khalifa Town to check.

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