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By email2br

Where is mamura area is located in Doha ?

is it easily accessible to messaied area by car daily if i have my accommodation in mamura area

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By rangaya• 7 years 4 months ago.
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How are you ,

Actually Mamoura area its very easy to findout that is near by MID MACK FLY OVER,Mammoura super market,FOOD WORLD.

If its your accomedation near Mammoura super market or newly opend Hyper market call FOOD WORLD.from mammoura to Mesieed distance is too far betwee 40-50 KM.

ok i will explain the road to mesieed.

if you are coming from oppesit side of mammoura super market you come towards to mammoura signal from that signal you take right cut then come streight towards to next signal from that signal you take right. once you take that right cut you come streight.then you can findout a fly over you go over the flyover then you will reach to the Mall roundabout you pass the mall roundabout & come streight then you can see Lulu hyper market, peninsula building,regus building etc... come little bit forward

then you will reach to Airport road signal from that signal you take right that is the streight way to Messide.

may be you can findout another ways to reach to messide , but this is the only way i know.

if i did any mistake please forgive me...

have a good new year...............

By siyan• 7 years 4 months ago.

better you do check your self on google earth.

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