Medical exam to enter UAE or Qatar to work.

By canadianinqatar

I have an American female friend that is considering taking a teaching position in Qatar or UAE. She is a world traveler and has just found out she is a tuberculosis carrier (latent) and will now have to undergo treatment for 9 months. The issue is that she is being offered positions in the UAE and Qatar and is wondering whether to tell the employer up front that she is a carrier and what exactly the medical exam consists of. For all of you out there, do you know if someone will be turned away if they are a TB carrier?  What does the medical exam consist of in either country?

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By sevhakop• 3 years 8 months ago.
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I was offered an amazing position in Qatar. When I wanted to apply for my work permit and residence visa I came across the medical check requirement. I was completely surprised about the TB requirement. I have latent tb and from what my pulmonary doctor said I have scarring on my lungs. CDC states that I have a 5 to 10 % to have active tb. I am not going to be immune-deficient anytime soon (I am young) for the tb to be active. I do not understand why I might be declared unfit to work because of the potential to have tb. To be denied the right to stay because of the potential to be sick. This comes to me as very strict and peculiar. What about the potential for getting MERS Syndrome? What about the potential to gain AIDS from someone who is doing unsafe practices? Do they have a 5-10% chance? What about their chances? They certainly have the potential to get sick. I am willing to take medication for the latent tb and I believe that this would be fair for me and the public health concerns the government has. But I am not going to come to Qatar on the gamble of being deported or not. I need a straight answer and I am not able to find one from all the officials I contacted. This is bad business in a place that wants only good business. I have read that 1/3 of the world population has latent tb. 1/3 of people are going to be in the same predicament. What a shame. I am so disappointed. I am awaiting possible hope that this is not the way that will happen. I am hoping this will not be the case.

By mabs8877• 5 years 6 months ago.

i also have pleural thickenning even if im physically fit according to saint luke hospital. And the agency they dont allow me to work im kind of discourage, because i missed the job that was offered by the National Petroleum Company.

is there other chance?.. any way i send my result from saint luke to the company they said they will work on it just wait.. :)

By jpcute• 5 years 6 months ago.


Need your advise guys

I got a job offer in Doha Qatar, and upon having my medical clearance here in the phil. Xray resulted with Pleural Thickenning eventhough i do not have history or undergoing PTB, ndiscouraged ako of going through since its my firstime to work overseas, baka mapauwe ako kagad.I consulted some specialisy here, and they told me n i am medically fit and no sign of any communicable and infective pulmonary disease, d ako nakuntento so i seek for theid opinion, and the doctor also reviewed my 2010 and 2012 xrays, and he told me na no sign of any infectious disease...

I got their certification with me,, but im worried if Medical Counsil in Qatar will accept this, if they also found out that i do have pleural thickening.

By sirmarxson26• 6 years 8 months ago.

im also scheduled to go there to work as a control room operator in doha international airport,im just waiting for my visa and medical schedule here in phils., to all filipinos out there, anu anu ba mga hininingi sa medical requirements? ibig ba nila sabihin pag may nakita sa baga mo may chance pa rin na makapag trabaho ka pa rin jan?sana wala namang makitang mali sa medical ko...hope u reply.. pwede ring thru email,

By vijaykp333• 6 years 9 months ago.


Please tell me where did you get the FIT certificate from. I need to convert my UNFIT to FIT. Its an SOS please.

By antecristo79• 6 years 10 months ago.

hello wsb31, are you also a filipino?. my wife also has the same case re her medical. were did you have ur medical result become fit? wat clinic?.

regarding ur question.. u can have ur working visa/resident permit if u pas the medical exam at medical commision, it will take 1-2 weeks maximum if there will be no problem on ur results.

By angel_surfer• 6 years 10 months ago.
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i heared cases of scar in the lungs from my friends when they took the x-ray test in the medical commission here in qatar. almost all i knew with scar in the lungs, may it be active or latent, were not allowed to go to the next step of processing a residence permit. as far as i know, when a scar is seen in your lungs for the first time of your xray test, you will be rescheduled for another x-ray test, after a week of your first medical exam usually. depending upon the severity of findings, approximately 6 shots/pictures will be taken to verify scars in the lungs. three shots in front and three shots at yuor back emphasizing the left and right lungs. after evaluating x-ray shots and still they need verification, you will be rescheduled again for another x-ray test including PPD test. and if results will be the same, the medical commission will report it automatically to the police department and your company is obliged to book you for a flight in going to your homeland ASAP. this will be monitored by the CID/Police in case. and if records in the immigration that you are still in the country, CID will chase the employer and so they will chase you too.

On the positive side, there are also instances that you should obtain a certificate from qatar medical commission about the findings in your health and you will be given a period to undergo medications, about 3 to 12 months depending upon severity of TB virus in your lungs. At some instance, you are not allowed to work.

By apple_green0• 6 years 10 months ago.

hi mga kabayan, just want to ask...

what's consist of hamad pre medical employment exam?Lab test such as HIV,HEPA,chest x-ray and i heard there is also a PPD test.what if you tested positive for PPD?are they going to give you another test for tb like sputum culture,smear,quantiferon?are they going to give you any medications?for how long is the medication?are you allowed to start you work but under medication? are you going to start with your work but with pending salary?are you going to be sent home ( back to your country )?pls answer to all those people who experience this already...

also, what is the measurement (for positive) or centimeter for the ppd positive health care workers?i heard health care workers has different measurement compare to non health care care workers...

pls answer those who experienced this already...

thank you so much!!!!

By nhelai• 6 years 11 months ago.

how abt hepa b? do they require this test?

By bonjiek1981• 7 years 1 month ago.
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Hi Metla,

I have been working here in Qatar for almost 4 years now. I have a pleural thickening in my lower left lung. I had my medical examination 2 times (2 times re-ray). On my 3rd appointment I was interviewed by the Doctor. I was advised to undergo some laboratory tests - sputum, skin test and blood test. I was diagnosed with inactive TB. Right then, I have to undergo 3 months of medication/immunization with proper guidance. What I mean for proper guidance is your company nurse or the hospital nurse will record your intake as you don't have to miss even a single intake. Somebody is keeping track of your medication. After 3 months of complying the hospital requirements, I am cleared!

Just bring with you a copy of your lab tests for future use. But based from my experience, one thing for sure, they don't reject cases like this. Though they have to make sure if you have no active TB that's why they may require you to undergo some laboratory test here.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

By metla• 7 years 1 month ago.

dear all,

I have the problem that i have a scar on my lungs but doctors said that this is just a scar or a healed disease.I got the uk visa all as they took my sputum tests and then clear me.

but i dont know what will happen in qatar regarding this scar,will they take sputum test or simply reject on scar basis on my lungs.

plz plz any one who know reply me as soon as possible

By s1nbab• 8 years 10 months ago.

were you able to go to UAE? What happened?Did you wnet for the medical exam?

By kirkhammet• 8 years 11 months ago.

Gud Day guys!! Im presently working here in Ras Laffan now & one of the company from UAE hired me. Then as their preliminary requirements is the medical examination of TB, HIV & HEPA.. I want to have a medical examination ASAP.. can u give info where is the nearest hospital or clinic here in Ras Laffan that i can have Medical exam...and until what time does this clinic or hospital opens..

By baowodwilly• 9 years 6 months ago.

my friend as i read your message we have same problem about scar in lungs.I am newly in this forum. I just only ask you about some advice or what you do about your problem my working visa now will be sent to me here in the phillipines.. please let me know what you did.I very glad that you will replay my message.thank you and god bless...

By baowodwilly• 9 years 6 months ago.

my friend as i read your message we have same problem about scar in lungs.I am newly in this forum. I just only ask you about some advice or what you do about your problem my working visa now will be sent to me here in the phillipines.. please let me know what you did.I very glad that you will replay my message.thank you and god bless...

By baowodwilly• 9 years 6 months ago.

hi there i havebeen there in uae as visit visa I apply some company there.after my visa expired I exit in the philippines my employer send me an email that my employement visa will be sent to me here in phillipines.My problem is about medical exam I have an scur in my lungs and i am reactive of hepa b.I need your advise on what should i do please help me. If I will go test in UAE can i pass the medical exam... here in philippines to whom i should get clearance of medical exam? I am a married man thinking my family future.I realy need your help please advice me what to do?

thank you and god bless

By blurryblurr• 9 years 6 months ago.

hi, glad to see this forum. actually im not reactive in TB but i am hep b reactive. if blood extraction is being done, will hep b also be detected?


pls email me on blurryblurr(at)yahoo(dot)com

By roger66• 10 years 5 months ago.

Hi! Friends,

I have a little doubt, i am planing to go to UAE but one think i need to know ,that is i have jaundice in my blood but its very low now. will this prevent to get an emplyement visa in UAE? Pls just gimme an idea ...

By enzo29• 10 years 5 months ago.

I'm here in qatar already and on the process of my RP, I had my medical already consists of the blood and xray. and they found out a scar on my lung. they ask me to find another hospital to check it. what will i do? I was treated last year of PTB and I have with me my medical certificate stating that its inactive. by the way i was sponsored by my husband. do anyone know who specializes PTB?

By OrangKedah• 10 years 6 months ago.

Hi! What is a Qatar Government Health Card? What does it entitle my family and I to?

By• 10 years 6 months ago.

Hello wsb31!

how r u now? r u in qatar now? i have same situation like u!medical center unfit me!so when u got another medical in other hospital is it afilliated by your agency?do u make certification that ur physically fit in DOH or qatar embassy doctor in the phils.?tell me what to do? Im on stage of processing my documents now.

i need ur advise!


odysy (girl)

By• 10 years 6 months ago.

Everybody i need your advise!


Can I ask u question? U said that you admitted in Hamad hospital because they found that u are ptb positive and u undergo medication right?When u finished the medication so there's a scar on your lung or not?when u came back to qatar last year for resident permit u said that u undergo x-ray?is it clear or u show ur previous medical records,x-ray film, and u get pulmo clearance from your doctor that your now physically fit?I have same situation with u!i dont know how to do,how to explain it to my new employer?do i need to get waiver with my employer?i have all the medical records for reference and doctor's clearance.Do i need to certify my medical certificate in DOH in the phils. or qatar embassy doctor in the phils?or may be i am rejected in qatar embassy?where did u undergo medical exam when u came back for residency?is it in embassy of qatar or in your work/co.?Or maybe the employer is responsible or required to do other medical exam?This is my first time going in qatar bec. im selected by my employer.Do u think that i am hopeless/rejected to go in qatar?

I need your advise just to confirm that (to stop processing my documents bec. its for nothing because i'm rejected.



By sly• 10 years 8 months ago.

i also had a positive ppd skin test but i know not all positive skin ppd test mean su are a tb carrier would it? how is the sputum or blood (for tb test) is being done? do u think its safe to do it here in qatar?

By bonjiek1981• 10 years 9 months ago.

guys, i got my ppd reading of 6mm after 48 hrs.. am i TB positive? is it possible that if you are negative based on your ppd result you will be positive from sputum and blood tests?


By wsb31• 10 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

Hello everyone!

Need advise please..It seems that I have same problem as anavrin..

I am ssuposed to be moving in our branch office there in Qatar, so my employer asked me to have a medical exam here in our country. Then, the medical center has given me an UNFIT medical result. They have noted that Iam UNFIT AS PER GCC MEDICAL GUIDELINES. They have seen a linear density on one of my lung, on which the doctor told me that it was of no present clinical significance and just nothing that may harm my health. They still have noted it and given me an UNFIT medical here for they have to follow the GCC guidelines. They said that anyone who will be going to Qatar shall have a flawless lungs, meaning of no scar or nothing to be noted on x-ray though it means nothing. Is it true? Just what I did is to have another medical exam on other clinic, and now I have a FIT TO WORK. My employer was now processing my working visa for me to get there, what I am afraid of now, is that what if I had the medical exam in Qatar when I got there and saw a linear density thing on my llungs. Would this be a ground for me to be sent back home in our country or to be deported?

Also, could you please give me some info on how long does it takes to process a working visa there?

Please help me on this..Thank you so much!

By anavrin• 10 years 10 months ago.

i have a job offer 2 work in qatar and i have just received the result of my medical exm (done in my country) and they found out that there is a small "scar" on my lungs. they have told me that they could not permit me to work in qatar because they are so strict about this. they are also asking for my previous xray result for reference.

what shud i do?

do i still hve the chance to work in qatar?

By Sabrina• 11 years 9 months ago.

My husband just went through the TB test one week ago. He was diagnosed with "old PTB," i.e. latent. They are trying to deny his RP, and he is not even the one working. I would highly consider a different country to work in. This is causing major problems. I am trying to find an appeals process, but I have not had much luck so far.

By elaine• 11 years 9 months ago.

well, i am now more confident that I would pass p.e. there.

hope my w.v. would be released soon!

By dentist• 11 years 9 months ago.


The doctor is supposed to examin you physically but they usually don't do that.

Usually what happens is that he would ask you a few questions about your general health and if he smells anything fishy (Sorry Mocha) he would just examin you thoroughly.

By Angelo• 11 years 9 months ago.

the medical test are for any Contagious diseases.

Traces of TB are reasons for not granting RP.

By elaine• 11 years 9 months ago.

just want to ask you guys who have taken medical exam there as a requirement for visa, RP, etc. Does doctor there check your physical parts or just xray and blood extraction? here, i've gone through rigid medical exams, pft, hearing, visual, dental, etc. aside from xray and blood testing. Plus, checking of external body parts from head to toe. gladly passed those examination as a result of my religious taking of APE.

By mochafrap• 11 years 9 months ago.

xrays are not the only way to detect TB, and a good radiologist/x-ray technician would have no problem whatsoever detecting it.

if the technician detects anything they'd ask for a sputum sample which would be sent to the lab for further diagnosis. at his point whether TB is latent or active is irrelevant..chances are they would still be able to find it. Being tested positive for TB would automatically ban anyone from attaining a residence permit both in UAE and Qatar.

it could be worthwhile to consider the offers anyway..?

By e46M3• 11 years 9 months ago.

...from Sidewinder. There have been cases where latent TB was a cause for denial of a residence permit here.

By sidewinder• 11 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 3/5


I can understand the agony of the treatment they give to treat TB (Active or latent), the pokes in the butt and the steroids. 3 years back when I was in Qatar on a visit visa, I had an effusion in my lung and was admitted in Hamad Hospital, although the effusion was related to Pneumonia I was checked for TB via the Mantoux skin test and I was found to be positive as a carrier and had to undergo the treatment here. Anyway I left about a month into the treatment and got my self checked in Singapore, where they said that there was no need for me to go through with the actual treatment since most people (Especially travelers to the Asian Subcontinent and south east Asia) will test positive via the skin test and are not prone to get it since our bodies have the immunity and our infant immunizations give us enough protection. But I finished the course of treatment anyway to be on the safer side, which was my doctor's advice as well. I came back to Qatar last year on a Resident permit and had my blood tested and X-Ray taken and was not rejected, since as GIASI has pointed out they check for active TB and HIV. There is no TB skin test carried out, but I don’t know about the blood.

Frankly speaking I do not think you should have a problem if your lungs are clear in the X-Ray and your blood is free from HIV. On the other hand, I don't mean to scare you or put you off, one way or the other you have to consider that if you do test positive, you will not be allowed to get a Resident Permit or Visit visa. My suggestion would be to get yourself checked thoroughly in your home country (I did that before I came) or wherever and then decide on whether to inform your Employer; also a second opinion from a doctor here with regards to the procedure and tests is better. Maybe one of your local friends can find out or as mentioned one of the doctors on the forum can help.

Good luck,


By getinandstayin• 11 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

TB is one of the diseases that you are screened for in Qatar and the UAE.

A chest X-ray is taken but this is only effective in diagnosing active TB. They also take blood to test primarily for HIV but whether they test the blood for latent TB, im not sure. Maybe one of the doctors on the forum can confirm.

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