Pearl island living: why this luxurious hot spot is on everyone's mind

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The chances are that you haven't heard about the unique and remarkable achievement that is known as the Pearl-Qatar island, off the coast of Doha, Qatar. The reason is because it didn't exist eight years ago.

What has risen out of the sea is an architectural marvel and multi-billion-dollar venture that covers some 1,000 acres and has quickly become the gem of the arabian riviera.

Described by some as the venice of the middle east, ten distinct precincts make up the Pearl-Qatar, a man-made island characterized by its extensive canal system of waterways and an exclusive series of walkways housing close to 10,000 people at present, but that number is expected to grow exponentially.

Interest is quickly growing because of the many community offerings and lifestyle that has emerged in this unique development. 

Living and housing at the Pearl-Qatar

 The population is expected to rise to well above 50,000 over the next few years. For this reason, besides the existing finished developments, there are a number of residences and condo developments under way in preparation for the coming interest.

In fact, once fully completed, the island is set to contain more than 19,000 residential dwellings spread over 10 elite districts that include beachfront villas, luxury apartments, five-star hotels, and marinas. The architectural design is meant to evoke a variety of styles.

You'll discover the old-world charm of a venetian canal city named Qanat Quartier where the sea and land appear to blend seamlessly, but you'll also feel as if you've stepped into a luxury resort because of the many amenities and opulent offerings that the Pearl-Qatar offers.

Brightly colored buildings adorn the waterfront and resemble scandinavian-style designs mixed with local aesthetics. Of course, there's a great deal of attention to modernity and accessibility throughout the location. You'll be able to easily navigate (either by canal or by street) to the nearest retail district or world-class restaurant.

Luxury retail and fine dining options

The Pearl-Qatar development features three main distinct retail precincts that encompass over two million square feet of stores, leisure offerings, and dining options.

Porto Arabia is the main thoroughfare and plays host to a diverse selection of luxury and world-leading brands, such as hugo boss, cugini, giorgio armani, and even ferrari and maserati.

The Medina Centrale is the second largest retail district and caters to families and the community for lifestyle needs and products. Not long ago, the local restaurants were honored at the prestigious time out Doha Awards where the country celebrates excellence in dining pleasure.

The Japanese restaurant Midori took home the best newcomer award, reaffirming the Pearl-Qatar as a major force in the dining arena. The cuisine options abound with an incredibly wide selection of international restaurants.

When in the island, visit either the Burj al-Hamam or the Al Tabkha if you're interested in sampling a taste of the local lebanese ingredients.

There is also a variety of south american, japanese, and mediterranean options to keep your palette engaged for years to come. For fun, why not try out the stick house for dessert? They serve your favorite flavor of ice cream, but on a stick. 

Culture, arts, and resort living 

The Pearl-Qatar is, all at once, many things to many people. The general vibe and lifestyle has a focus on cultural diversity, hosting over 52 nationalities living in a high-end resort.

Because of the immense interest in terms of investment and business opportunities, work is being done to encourage a local feel with arts and community events.

For example, every second friday of each month, local residents enjoy the open water paddle series, organized by ronautica middle east.

Taking advantage of the ideal location on the waterfront and dominance of luxury marinas, residents get together for fun and exercise to test their water sports abilities. 

If you haven't visited or considered living in the Pearl-Qatar until now, you're going to want to visit as soon as possible.

The local residents agree that living there is unparalleled in terms of natural beauty and modern convenience. With thousands flocking to their shores each day, it's no wonder why developers are planning for a major migration to their housing projects.

You just might find the destination of your dreams and choose to stay, in which case browsing for best accommodation options would be made easier by visiting MD Properties Pearl Listings.

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By britexpat• 2 years 9 months ago.

It has no character and the blandness is blinding

By Wild Turkey• 2 years 9 months ago.
Wild Turkey

"natural beauty" What natural beauty? It's all artificial!

By Md Properties• 4 years 5 months ago.
Rating: 2/5
Md Properties

Actually, the price for a 1 bedroom apartment in The Pearl, particularly in Qanat Quartier have become affordable. A one bedroom starts from QAR 9,000. / QAR 20,000 is more for a 4 bedroom apartment or townhouse. If you'd like to schedule a viewing, don't hesitate to contact us.

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