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QTIC in Industrial area

By jfk1575

So I headed to the industrial area with a certain amount of dread after all the stories I had heard about how hard and painful it is to get your technical inspection done.

To my surprise it was an easy and straight forward experience.

Getting there. Head up Al Waab to the Industrial turnoff. Go left at this roundabout and head down the industrial road. All the streets are on you left and there are small signs just back from the corners with the street numbers on them.

At the fourth round about, street 23 turn left. Go straight until you hit the next round about and then go right. As you approach street 24 you will see big signs for QTIC.The entrance is around the back so you have to continue driving passed. Drive until you hit the next round about which is street 33. Turn right and then take the first right again. Drive down this road until you see Gate 1. Drive in here and park. Walk into the first office and walk up to the registration counter. Most people in here are waiitng for their inspection not to pay for the inspection so don't sit down to wait.
Once you have paid go back out to your car and drive into the inspection cue. When the inspector takes the car off you go back into the office and wait. You will have a ticket with a number at the top of it, wait for this to come up on the screens. Once you have picked up your inspection you will know if you have passed or failed. There are police officers in the next buliding that will help if you have failed on a scratch or dent.
When you leave there is only one way out and your inpection will be checked by a police officer.

If you have passed you must have at least 1 year on your insurance to then be able to pay for your registration.

Overall the service isn't too bad, time is the main factor involved. My car passed and all up driving there,having the inspection, updating my insurance and going to the city centre outlet for updating my registration took three hours.

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By jfk1575• 8 years 1 month ago.

I have no idea what you mean by this comment

By anonymous• 8 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 4/5


There are good people in this world, and they are not ONLY Muslims, you know. Geez.(last comments by alexa when she left Qiving)

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