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Storage in Doha

By scandinavian

Is there somebody out there who knows a place where I can stow furnitures, around 10 kubic meters. It could be anywhere in Doha as long as it is cheap. I dosent have to be a storage company, it could also be somebody renting out a room or garage. Maximum 200 riyals per month I think. I have been i contact with Agility, but they are to expensive.

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By dominic11• 3 years 9 months ago.

Rather than starting a new thread on the topic, I thought I'd dig up this old one and keep the topic current, as I am also in need of a storage facility. Does anyone know where I can store 16 cubic meters of boxes in Doha?

By jpa• 8 years 3 months ago.

with your budget, it is not possible to find any storage facility.

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