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Traffic violations

By disregardedknowledge

Stupid question: When checking the Internet for fines, vehicle no. is the license plate number, correct?

Also, how do you go about paying violations? Is it possible to pay by credit card over the net? Thank you.

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By jaz-09• 9 years 4 months ago.

yes...u can make payment online..!!

By Sadiq• 9 years 5 months ago.
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Yes, you can pay by credit card on line as mentioned if you did not get points. Please ensure that you are looking up the right plate number, if your plate is white and on a car then it is "private vehicle", if you plate is green and on a truck it is "private transportation". MOI does not care who pays and you may be paying someone else's fine.

By Hagar• 9 years 5 months ago.
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If the violation involves black points (as most now do, including such serious offenses as illegal parking--a 3 point violation!), you will be unable to settle on-line, despite the web-page indicating that you should be able to do so. You will have to go to a MOI counter (there is one in the lower level at City Center) or office, present your drivers license (to be awarded the black points) and pay by credit or debit card.

By cherukkan• 9 years 5 months ago.

There is provision in the website to pay the penalties on line.

By the replacement• 9 years 5 months ago.
the replacement

Oopps, You only have input yout vehicle plate no. , my bad

By kurtestinoso• 9 years 5 months ago.
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No! It wasn't a stupid question.. This site contains informative answers for everybody.. Yes! you input your car registration number and your fines will pop up on your screen and if you wish to settle all your fines and penalties, you can go directly to Muroor located in Madinat Kalifa..

By Victory_278692• 9 years 5 months ago.
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same website offers you to pay by credit cards; and hukoomi site for payment of violations if in Qatar others (GCC ones) you have to pay at traffic dept

By Andrews• 9 years 5 months ago.

Really a stupid question..vehicle No and Plate no is the same

By the replacement• 9 years 5 months ago.
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the replacement

Stupid as it may be.... Yes you have to input your vehicle plate no. and also your PR no. , then the system will verify if you have any penalty and flash it to your screen.

You can also pay your violation penalty thru the web and by using any credit cards.


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