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Moving home has always been associated with tension and fear of breaking and losing precious furniture and personal effects but this is no longer true thanks to E-Movers’ professionally managed home moving services.
E-Movers has since 2003 assured a ‘No Mess, No Stress’ moving experience for thousands of individuals and families across UAE and now, in Qatar. Moving a small apartment, penthouse, villa or a full community, E-Movers has mastered the art and science of relocations with over 15000+ relocations in the last ten years. We move at an average of 20 homes per day making us one of the largest moving company in the region.
We are different from other ‘fly-by-night’ freelance operators because we have our employees, our own trucks and our own equipment. Our people are trained and we have a time-tested process that ensures that we adhere to promised schedules and complete our work with speed, accuracy, safety and most importantly with care.