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Dear Investor,

e-Commerce business is  booming worldwide and  Qatar is not an exceptional. Qatar has very good   basic e-commerce   infrastructure, need some bright idea and good implementation plan to become million dollar company within short time on less investment.   There is a huge underlying market available for e-commerce to flourish in Qatar, just require right website/ Mobile Apps to tap and convert this large customer base to become online shopper.

I am actively looking for investor and Qatari business partner for e-commerce start-up business in Doha. This is a great e-commerce business opportunity and approved by QBIC and will be starting soon once the Qatari business partner is ready for this idea. This is a very good unique online e-commerce business opportunity and first time in Qatar.


I  am open to other nationality to become partner in this business but I need at least one Qatari business partner in this business for  initiation of  e-commerce business in Qatar.

   “Business Plan & Presentation shall be shared with prospective  investors on request"