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To offer the most exclusive and luxurious abayas and galabayas, i have gone with a two-pronged strategy that not only ensures that fashionable ladies find what they are looking for, but to put Qatar squarely in the center of the style.

- To develop a unique and locally designed Sheikha Style branded line of abayas & galabayas; not only to be sold at the showroom here in Doha but all around the globe.

- To initiate a multi-brand fashion boutique by acquiring the rights to several well-known regional brands. Sheikha Style is already the exclusive distributor of the Rivaage Franchise.

Sheikha Style is unique in what it offers. Because of the approach, we can categorize our product lines into three.

* My personal designs under the Sheikha Style name of Khaliji galabiyas, casual abayas & luxurious abayas.

* Tailor-made and indivisual pieces of abayas and galabiyas made specifically to cater to a customer's request; whether color material or cut. in addition, we can design custom-made gift packages of abayas and galabiyas for all occasions.

* Sheikha Style also offers a permanent gallery for local designers to showcase their latest abayas and galabayas. We will guarantee the quality and review the quality of each and single piece before displaying them.

Why are we different?

So why Sheikha Style different? For three main reasons:

* Sheikha Style is a platform for boutique and regional designers in the region and the Middle-East. Each piece reflects the uniqueness of our culture and the requirements of the customers.

* Only one piece of every designer is showcased; this ensures that our customer's abayas and galabiyas are unique; the same piece will not be sold again in Qatar.

* Sheikha Style offers a rare opportunity for talented Qatari designers to showcase their collections; we help them along the way to develop their skills and talents.,