Hayat Universal School (HUBS)

  • Hayat Universal School (HUBS)
  • Hayat Universal School (HUBS)


At Al Hayat Universal Bilingual School, we provide, a high quality bilingual North American education, that integrates core subjects and life skills, the application of knowledge blended with cultural identity and openness; all interweaved to develop a well-rounded individual and a lifelong learner prepared for the challenging future.




We believe that:


    • » All students can learn in a caring and stimulating environment that recognizes and addresses their individual differences, talents and learning styles.


    • » Learning is meaningful when it is applied to real life situations, when students make meaning not just receive it–through individual and group work- and when thematic instruction is used to integrate the different subjects as well as life skills throughout the school day.


  • » It is our duty to empower students to succeed in our globalized and complex age by refining their qualities of
    • . moderation and rationalization,
    • . respect and appreciation of universal values and cultural diversity,
    • . sound understanding, and love for our Islamic religion,
    • . communication proficiency in Arabic and English, and
    • . leadership, life planning, teamwork, problem solving and decision making.


  • » Parents have a critical influence on the achievement of their children and they are our partners who we engage throughout the education process.


Why the Name "Hayat"?


Hayat means life. The Will of God brought Hayat School to life through the efforts of a team of believers who represent the school community of teachers, leaders and parents who are working side by side in the service of our students. Hayat also represents the continuous development of the human being with all its senses attuned to the rise of numerous challenges in such a way that one continues to grow and develop as long as one is alive. Hayat staff are the ones who breathe life into Hayat and help guide it towards higher ranks and broader horizons to prepare our students for their journey through life.