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Olive International School, which was granted approval by the Supreme Educational Council recently, is all set to receive the first batch of its students to classes up to Grade III.
The classes are scheduled to begin on 7th of September 2014. The school follows Indian CBSE curriculum.

Olive International School is part of the legendary legion of International Educational Institutions managed by Patricians, who are regarded as the best in class School Managers World over and requires no reference to introduce itself in School education spectrum in any part of the world. They have more than 200 years of experience in operating the schools across the globe. The Principal and the Senior Teachers of the School are all hailing from Patrician Schools in India.

There are two campuses for the school, one at Abu Hamour, behind Primary Health Centre; and the other at Nuaija, near Medical Commission Roundabout. Olive International School is envisioned as per the Qatar National Vision 2030, to increase the human potential in Qatar by providing quality education and ensuring holistic development of students. This would be achieved through different programs they are introducing for the first time in Qatar.

Olive International School envisages the vision to be a center of excellence that provides an environment for holistic and value-oriented education, thereby developing leaders with wisdom. To accomplish the vision of wholesome development of children, the School has tied up with International brands for Sports Education, Public Speaking and Dramatic, Psycho-Education Services, Curriculum Partners and Educational Consultants. The school shall have special focus on extra-curricular activities to provide students with necessary exposure and experience thereby facilitating wholesome development.