Qatar Living Social Group



This is the social group of QL.Here you will meet with people of different nationalities, with different careers, and people with different oppinions.This is not a "Matchmaking" group. Do not join our socials just to meet women/men. If something clicks with you and a group mate, then great, but please be courteous of users and don't become a 'stalker'.Socials will be organised as regularly as possible.


We will have "girls and boys nights" out and "co-ed" outings.Some suggestions of things we could do would be appreciated. In the meantime, here are some of the events that could be organised.


1) Dinners

2) Movie nights (at homes/or cinema's) Not conflicting with the Movie Group.

3) Picnics

4) Clubbing

5) House parties

6) Roaming dinners

7) Shopping expeditions

8) Games evenings

9) Beach parties

10) Dhow trips


Lets have fun at these meetings, and lets keep them in good taste.Families are most welcome to join our events. I will ensure some family orientated gatherings also.




Acceptance into the Social Group will be determined by the time period you have been a member of QL, and the number of points you have accumulated. Please don't expect approval if you have been a member for longer than two weeks, but have less than 200 points(in 2 weeks) plus with that i will check your performance on the main forum too.


Points = posts, and posts = insight into your character. Your input on the General forum determines your status within the group.