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The Job Net Global ( Pvt )  Ltd,   is a government approved recruitment company that assists foreign and local companies who are searching for dynamic and experienced employees in and from Sri Lanka, Whether looking to fill an entry-level management position in your company, or  you are looking for Skilled Blue collar or Professional White collar staffs; our team of experienced recruiters will assist you in finding skilled talent that will suit your requirement.

Whenever you hire talent that does not fit your organization or choose any warm body in an effort simply to fill the rank, you set yourself back. The result is higher rates of turnover, reduced innovation, Lower levels of productivity, and customer satisfaction and most importantly your business profitability

If you are looking for intelligent and innovative staffs for your organization, we are here to be at your door step to assist you in this regard. Our role is to develop and expand our capabilities, while creating services targeted to what's new and what's next in the world to work. THE JOB NET represents nearly two decades of learning and understanding how people in organizations behave and how their behavior and dedication impacts the organization