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Al Naimi Cafeteria- Karak

  • Al Naimi Cafeteria- Karak
  • Al Naimi Cafeteria- Karak


Head to any Chai Karak joint in the early hours of the morning or late at night and you will find endless rows of cars lining up for what seems to be just a small cup of inexpensive tea.

The creamy, fragrant Chai Karak stands strong as one of the drinks that is gaining popularity in the Khaleeji region. Currently one of the most popular hot drinks in the middleast including QATAR , its humble beginnings actually lie in the South Asian countries of India and Pakistan.

The ideal place for karak chai in qatar is AL NAIMI CAFETERIA(Karak al Naimi) with many branches all over qatar..!!

Phone: 44788124/44322870

Address: Near KFC, Al Sadd, Doha.